Sword of the Outlaw episode 40 recap

The bodyguard wants to make a deal with Xiao Qian. Xiao Qian fainted. The bodyguard told Xiao Qian she will get better in half an hour. The bodyguard said ten years ago when the Yan sect have been diminished, there was a big incident. A general have died and is her father.The vitims who have died worked for her father. She suspects those people used to work for her father so she killed them. Xiao Qian asked the bodyguard if her father’s death isn’t related to them. The bodyguard suspects the murderer is the person who told her the history. The majesty have promoted the magistrate into a royal bodyguard. When he becomes the bodyguard, he will take care of the soldiers. It isn’t easy for someone to rebel since the troop is strong. Xiao Qian doubts the majesty is scared of losing his throne. The bodyguard since for three years, he has discovered that the martial arts world is related to the palace politics. The official said he remembered the eunuch used to please the magistrate. The magistrate didn’t favor him so he despite the magistrate. Xiao Qian asked the official where was he when her father died. The official said he was investigating a case but received a blackmail letter. The bodyguard told Xiao Qian that the eunuch is planning to rebel. He suspects that the eunuch is planning the appearance of her master and he purposely placed the manuel to cause chaos in the world. After her master died, he used her. The bodgyguard said he always investigates the eunuch and he is very sly but no matter how sly he is, he always leaves some evidence. The bodyguard suggests Xiao Qian to leave. The bodyguard said the eunuch is using the sect leader to get the manuel from Zhuiyun. After he got the map, he will have plenty of money to rebel. Xiao Qian promises the bodyguard she will stop killing others.

Xiao Qian asked the bodyguard what does he think of goo and evil. The bodyguard said helping others is good while harming others is bad. Xiao Qian said then Zhuiyun is a good guy while her master is evil. The good and bad guys family have been murdered. The good guy is always in danger while the bad guy is living freely. Why is the fate for the good and buy guy is so different. Can this world tell tell the good guy fro mthe bad guy. Can the good and evil switch lives? The bodyguard said there is still good and evil but it’s different perspective. Zhuiyun didn’t ended up like her master because he couldn’t control his heart. Xiao Qian asked the bodyguard if controlling her conscience would control the evil. The bodyguard recites a poem of good and evil.

The sect leader plans to destroy the temple in three days. The sect leader said when he leads the temple, no one will dare to rebel against the eunuch and the majesty. The eunuch said a world without a hero is a world of peace. The sect leader said his world is always peaceful and it isn’t important if he’s a hero. The sect leader asked the eunuch if he also contributed to this peaceful world.

Fengyi’s father told Fengyi he believes he can defeat the sect leader. Fengyi’s father said he used to focus too much on martial arts and didn’t spend much time with his lover and daughter. Fengyi asked her father if he is related to ten death of Zhuiyun’s family ten years ago. The monk pray and told Zhuiyun it is fate that the temple will be destroyed. Fengyi’s father would like Zhuiyun to have a duel with the sect leader tomorrow. Fengyi’s father told Zhuiyun that a personalty’s weakness is also a a weakness in martail arts. Fengyi’s father told Zhuiyun that ten years ago he was also responsible for his sect’s death. Fengyi said the previous majesty didn’t want the enuch to use him. The enuch put the manuel to create chaos in the world. Xiao Qian’s master may be used by the eunuch. Zhuiyun doubts if the magistrate also participated in this war. Fengyi’s father have mastered the martial arts in the manuel. He has taught those martial arts to the eunuch’s soldiers. Zhuiyun told Fengyi he doesn’t blame her father but he blames the eunuch and the sect leader.


The monks asked Zhuiyun if the temple or the world is more important. Zhiyun wants to defeat the sect member and give back the money to the people. The sect leader asked Zhuiyun to hand out the manuel. Zhuiyun refuses. Zhuiyun and the sect leader have a duel. Zhuiyun fell down the mountain and bled and thought of Fengyi’s nanny performing martial arts. Zhuiyun defeated the sect leader. Xiao Qian visited her master’s grave and put some food and drink by his cemetery. Xiao Qian said Zhuiyun won’t let her kill others and she can’t be with him because he only has Fengyi in his heart. She feels miserable that Zhuiyun wants to kill her. She loves her master and Zhuiyun the most in this world. Xiao Qian wants to be Zhuiyun’s lover in her next life.

A vilagers came. Xiao Qian called him her master and said she always want to kill people. The villager cooked chicken soup for Xiao Qian. Xiao Qian asked the villager why is he so nice to her if he haven’t made a mistake with her. Xiao Qian laughed seeing the villagers put his hand in the toilet. Xiao Qian pretends to have a stomach ache and asked a villager for the pancake. Xiao Qian grabbed the villager and asked him if he nice to him because he wants her to return a favor. Xiao Qian aid people are nice then become mean so she have to punish them. The villagers told Xiao Qian he has given his bushes to the poor people and it made them smile. Xiao Qian told the villager though he had a good heart to help others but there are many who doesn’t have good heart. Flashbacks of a lady saved Xiao Qian and gave her some peanuts. Xiao Qian asked the lady for a pancake. The lady said she ran out of food and she and her family been eating peanuts. Xiao Qian asked the lady to save the peanuts for her children. The lady faints. Xiao Qian gave the lady her jade bracelet to pawn for money. The lady asked Xiao Qian to keep it and yelled at Xiao Qian that if she knew she didn’t have any treasures, she wouldn’t have wasted time on her. Xiao Qian told the villager there are no kind people in this world.



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