What I learned by running a drama blog!

1. Blogging is not easy: It takes a lot of time and dedication and editing.

2. It is not easy to find dramas to cover. Popular dramas are easy to find since many sites upload them but old dramas and unpopular dramas are hard to find.

3. Competition is fierce: It looks like there’s only a few drama blogs but there plenty of drama blogs. There are plenty of Korean and Chinese drama blogs and not to mention even asian drama blogs. There are different clique of drama bloggers and not every blogger hang out or chat with each other.

4. There will always be new drama blogs with new topics and ideas. Old drama blogs can be forgotten and new drama blogs will exist and may update faster than you. New generation of drama bloggers happens every five years.

5. Knowing multiple languages is helpful in explaining the culture and terms in dramas and some can even watch dramas before you without eng sub. Some drama blogs are more Americanized and some are more Native. It depend on your target of audience.

What did you drama bloggers learned after you started to run your drama blog? How did your view has changed from before you started your blog?

❤ Jac


2 thoughts on “What I learned by running a drama blog!

  1. I love your posts about drama-blogging! 🙂 My biggest constraint is time. There are so many things I want to blog about but there is so little time! And even when I do have a free day or two, I find that I cannot come up with as much content as I want. It is just too exhausting. I need a break. I used to think that drama bloggers who only update once or twice a month are just lazy (I mean, expecting one post every couple of days is not TOO demanding, right? :P) But now, I have fallen into that exact habit. Even one post a week consistently takes up so much time & energy! I really admire those bloggers who can find time to update everyday. Respect.

    • Sometimes I have free time to blog but just in the mood to do something else. I feel more of a breather to blog about old dramas since they don’t have as much deadlines as the new dramas and some old dramas are way better than the new ones and it is a gem to recommend some dramas to fans. It does tire bloggers out seeing a bunch of bloggers blogging the same popular dramas or when there are a bunch of popular blogs who update very quick.

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