Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 32 recap

Xu Zhu pray and feels guilty seeing the girls wash his body and changed his clothes. The maids dressed Xu Zhu up. Xu Zhu heals the villagers. Duan Yu seeing there are still many patients to be treated and worried Xu Zhu will pass out. The maids lead Xu Zhu to the forbidden cave. The maid is happy that Xu Zhu let the maid come wiht him to the cave to look at the martial arts. Xu Zhu and the maids practice martial arts in the cave. The maids fell tired after practicing the first step. Xu Zhu uses the martial arts to heal the villagers. The villagers bowed and thanked Xu Zhu for breaking the spell on them.

Xu Zhu packed up his stuff and wants to return to the temple. Xu Zhu stared at a tree and thought of the elder monk told him to behave then a hundred years later he will become a god. Xu Zhu greets his master and told his master he has eaten meat and drank. Duan Yu interrupted and told Xu Zhu’s master that Xu Zhu even made friends. Duan Yu told the elder monk he has befriend Xu Zhu. Xu Zhu told the elder monk that Ah Zhi’s master murdered the monks. Duan Yu speaks up for Xu Zhu that Ah Zhi’s master has poisoned them with powder and Mu Rong Fu was also there. Xu Zhu told the elder monk he has slept with a woman. Duan Yu pleads the monk to give Xu Zhu a chance to repent his mistake. Xu Zhu said he couldn’t forget the girl in his dream. Xu Zhu’s master wants to be punished with Xu Zhu. The elder monk receive an important letter and punished Xu Zhu to chop the woods temporarily.


The monk bullied Xu Zhu and drove Xu Zhu out. The monk asked Xu Zhu if he has eat meat and drink. Xu Zhu said he has slept with a female. The monk whipped Xu Zhu. Xu Zhu said he has killed bad people. Xu Zhu said his martial arts from the temple have been eliminated. The monk tied up Xu Zhu with a chain and gave him chores to do.

The elder monk received a letter from Yan Tan Z to come to the martial arts conference to choose a new leader. The monks doubt Yan Tan Z wants to be the leader.

The sect member told Yan Tan Z that the monks aren’t his match. Ah Zhi packs up her stuff and told Yan Tan Z he is a coward. Ah Zhi said she wants to come back to Qiao Feng and he is a hero in her heart. Yan Tan Z told Ah Zhi he knows she still likes Qiao Feng and just wants to use him to make Qiao Feng mad. Ah Zhi said she doesn’t want anyone to criticize her. She’s been abandon by her parents and bullied by the sect. She must not let Qiao Feng put her down. Ah Zhi asked Yan Tan Z if he wants her to suffer with him. Yan Tan Z said the sect member wants him to be the sect leader to manipulate him. It is useless for him to be the sect leader since she doesn’t have him in her heart. Ah Zhi told Yan Tan Z she wants him to be the sect leader so the sect member won’t control him. Xu Zhu put down the two buckets of poop. The monk whipped Xu Zhu. The monk hit Xu Zhu during the night and asked him to chop hundred woods. The maids dressed up as nuns and beat up the monk. The monk bowed in front of Xu Zhu and asked him to forgive him. Xu Zhu asked Duan Yu if he has beaten the monk. Jiu Mo Zhi visits the temple.



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