The Emperor and I episode 1 recap

This series starts with the fall of the Ming Dynasty. The Qing dynasty took over with the reign of Qianlong Emperor. Captain Ngok greets the majesty pleads the majesty not to go hunting under the empress dowager’s order since she is worried for his safety. Qian Long chased a deer and got attacked by some assassins. A tibetan monk saved the majesty. Captain Ngok ordered the guards to chop those assassins. The official pleas the majesty to give out the food to the victims but Captain Ngok objects. The empress dowager objects Qian Long’s idea of giving out the food and agrees with Captain Ngok. The empress dowager asked Qianlong to listen to Captain Ngok before he make a decision. Qian Long fought with the guards. The majesty’s eunuch gave the guards some silver for pretending to lose with the majesty. The majesty yelled at the eunuch and asked him to tell him if his martial arts is that bad. The majesty asked the tibetan monk why did he teach him random martial arts. The tibetan monk said it was the empress dowager’s idea worried he will get hurt. Qian Long wants to learn real martial arts. The empress told Qianlong he should spend more time studying instead of learning martial arts. Captain Ngok executed the whole family of the victims. Qian Long came and confronted Captain Ngok of executing the family with a piece of paper. Captain Ngok shows the badge from the Empress Dowager. Captain Ngok brought his daughter and the food she cooked for the Empress Dowager to taste. Captain Ngok told Empress Dowager that the majesty listened to the wrong people and prevented him from executing. Empress Dowager said she will give order to let Captain Ngok do the final decision. Captain Ngok suggests the empress dowager to cause the majesty to turn older and let him study in the house all day.


The eunuch congratulates the majesty that the empress dowager will appoint him a concubine. The majesty put on the green jade on two of the girls but the empress dowager shakes her head. The majesty gave Captain Ngok’s daughter the jade and the empress dowager nodded. The majesty went back to the room and got mad that he can’t even choose his concubine. The majesty drinks and asked Captain Ngok’s daughter to sit on the bad. Captain Ngok’s daughter sat on the bed and screamed seeing the snakes. Empress Dowager asked the majesty why did he let the concubine she chose cry. The Empress Dowager told the majesty that he doesn’t even respect her, how can he handle ruling the world. The Empress Dowager told the majesty she can take him down and choose another prince to be the majesty. The majesty got mad he can’t even choose his own concubine and go hunting. The eunuch gave the majesty a box of music he bought in JiangJan. The majesty wants to travel in JiangNan.


The eunuch asked the majesty to hide n the lettuce basket. The majesty and the eunuch sneaks out of the boat. The majesty asked the eunuch to buy him some tanghulu. Captain Ngok’s daughter opened the cover and didn’t see the majesty. Empress Dowager got mad that the majesty went out to play instead of studying. The majesty plans to be out of the palace for more than a week. Some paupers asked the majesty for some money. The majesty let the paupers have those dishes. The majesty and the eunuch ate at another table. A female asked the paupers to ask the majesty for money. the female stole the majesty bag of money. The majesty told the eunuch that the seal is in the bag. The female saw some cheque and threw the seal on the ground. The female pretends to learn how to write when her brother Joe came home. Joe carried a stick and tried to hit his sister. Joe helped his coworker pulling the boat. Marco’s mother got seasick. Marco threw up. Marco ate buns and watched Joe’s sister cheating in gambling. Marco played with Joe’s sister. Marco opened the cup for her. Joe’s sister threw out the cover and ran. Marco chased and grabbed Joe’s sister.

The majesty and the eunuch feels hungry. The majesty and the eunuch saw Joe’s sister. Joe’s sister asked Marco and the majesty to wait. Joe’s sister threw a fabric on the roof and asked them to take their stuff. Marco and the majesty fought for the bag. The majesty and marco fell down the roof and firecrackers burnt during a grand opening. Marco and the majesty opened the bag and saw some rocks and apologized. The commoners grabbed them.



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