The Emperor and I episode 2 recap

Madamme brought Qianlong and Marco to the official and accused them of breaking her board brand. The official orderd the guards to spank Qianlong and Marco twenty times. Marco’s parents came. Marco’s parents gave the official one hundred thousand taels. Qian Long accused the official of bribery. The official ordered the guards to give forty spanks to Qianlong. Qianlong’s eunuch begged to let him replace his master to be spank. The official ordered the guards to give the eunuch twenty extra spanks. The official gave ten thousand taels as compensation to Madamme. Marco’s mother gives Marco a spank for causing troubles. Marco’s father dragged Marco out and pretends to whip him. Marco’s mother came and saw Marco’s father hitting the fabric with a stick and Marco pretends to whine. Marco’s mother whipped both Marco’s father and Marco. The eunuch ache his butt and asked the majesty to not spare that official. The eunuch and Qian Long asked the landlord to let them stay at their lodge for one night. The eunuch sighed to Qianlong that the boss asked him to do chores. The eunuch gave Qianlong a thick bun. Qianlong worries they will lose their position in the palace; they have to find the seal first. Marco ache his back. Qianlong saw Marco and teased him of causing troubles and getting spank. Marco eavesdrop on her mother practicing martial arts. Qianlong threw a snake on Marco. Marco screamed and threw the snake. Marco’s mother punished Marco to do one thousand and a half pull ups and downs.


Joe caught his sister holding a sum of money. Joe found a seal and lend it to his servant to work. Marco and Qian Long saw Joe’s sister trick people in gambling. Marco grabbed Joe’s sister and demanded her to pay his money or he’ll sell her to the brothel. Joe’s sister yelled at the servants for help. The servants surrounded Qianlong and Marco. Joe came and greeted Marco and Qianlong and invited them for a drink of water. Joe asked his sister to return the stuff for Qianlong and Marco. Qianlong found the seal missing but the eunuch stopped him. Madamme’s sister blocked Joe’s way of carrying the goods by the harbor. Joe’s servant fought with Madamme’s sister troops. Madamme’s husband surrounded Marco’s house. Madamme’s brother heard Marco’s father paid one thousand taels to renovate the house, then changed his mind and chat with him nicely. Madamme’s brother wants to drink with Marco and said that today’s incident was a misunderstanding. Marco drink and spit at Madamme’s brother. Madamme’s brother asked Madamme to not need to argue with Marco’s family. Madamme’s brother told Madamme that Marco comes from a rich family. Madamme’s brother invited Marco’s father for a drink. Marco brought his mother to the brothel where his father is drinking with Madame’s brother. The prostitutes served Marco’s father and Madamme’s brother. Marco’s mother dragged Marco’s father out. Madamme’s brother saw Marco giving money to the prostitutes. Marco’s mother knows Marco paid those prostitute to serve his father since Marco’s father is very thrifty and wouldn’t spend money on them but it is good since it gave her a chance to punish her husband.


Qianlong and the eunuch saw the seal.The eunuch distracts the servant. Qianlong took his seal and drink with Joe. Qianlong drinks. The two imperial guards and greet the majesty. Qianlong pretends to go to the men’s room and jumps on the roof. Qianlong dressed up in the hay coat and left and ran and bumped into Marco. Qianlong asked Marco to drive the two guards away. Marco fought with the two guards and bled.



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