The pressure to come out blogging!

This is personal and touchy post. There are many types of drama bloggers. Some are more outgoing than others when it comes to blogging. I’ve noticed and read some touchy posts where some drama blogggers used to put their drama blogs set to private or it took them a few years for them to set their blogs to public. Some have created drama blogs but shut it a few times then finally ready to blog about dramas.

Coming out and blogging in public is hard for some of you guys! Some enjoy sharing their writing to the public while some are not comfortable with their writings. It leaves to the question that vlogging is also a lot of pressure since you have to speak in public.

There are those bloggers who promote their blogs a lot on social media but there are some who don’t and prefer to blog privately and keep it to themselves. There are many drama fans but not many are keen to blogging.

Before you bash a drama blogger for writing badly or his/her post is boring, think of how much effort it took them to write a blog post or how much pressure it is to write to the public.

I have a question for you drama bloggers? How hard and how much pressure was it for you guys to decide to confidently start a drama blog? Hope this post is a breather for you bloggers especially the introvert ones.

I was never into blogging but some tvb fans and some of my family members pushed me into drama blogging and believes I can be one.


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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