Weapons of Power episode 24 recap

The eunuch told Tian Long she doesn’t need to pretend to be nice. Tian Long gives money for her servants to leave. Lin Die told his son to  leave with his  mother. Lin Die left on the boat and asked Tian Long to take care. Lin Pen stood in front of Xiaohou Zhun’s sedan chair and fought with Xiaohou Zhun. Lin Die, Lin Pen, and Nuo Feng fought with Xiaohou Zhun. Tian Long piggyback her son  and fought with Xiaohou Zhun. Lin Die striked a sword at Xiaohou Zhun. Xiaohou Zhun fainted. Lin Die celebrates with his friends. Lin Die’s son  asked his mother why she is bleeding. Tian Long told Lin Die that all the flowers are gone. Lin Pen told Tian Long that he and Nuo Feng are planning to live a peaceful life on the island. Tian Long told Lin Pen she doesn’t want to go to the island since her daughter has to go to school. Xiahou Zhun came with his sect surrounding Lin Pen and said the person who dies was his replacement. The eunuch grabbed Xiaohou Zhun and he got punched to death. Tian Long and her daughter hid on the top floor. Tian Long put his son under the floor. Xiaohou Zhun fought with Tian Long and asked where’s Lin Die. Xiaohou Zhun killed Tian Long. Lin Die’s son cried. Lin Die found the flower on the mountain. Lin Die went back to the restaurant and saw the eunuch dead. Lin Die hugged Tian Long and gave her the flower. Lin Die told Tian Long they will leave town and live a peaceful life. Tian Long dies. Lin Die bury his wife.


Xiaohou Zhun tied up Lin Pen and Nuo Feng with a chain on the pole. People threw food at Lin Pen and Nuo Feng. Lin Die was about to save them but his son asked him not to go. Lin Die and his daughter pray in front of the Buddhist. Lin Die’s daugher cried and asked Lin Die not to leave her. Lin Die hugged his daughter and said he will never leave her. Xiaohou Zhun forced Lin Pen and Nuo Feng to tell where Lin Die is. Xiaohou Zhun threw drugs on Lin Pen. A sect member sat at the next room in the prison to Lin Pen and Nuo Feng and said Xiaohou Zhun used drug on him and will hurt ten times more next time he used it. Xiaohou Zhun’s martial arts have become powerful. There’s one person who can use this weapon to defeat this martial art.



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