HK-Korean Drama Expression

The Emperor and I episode 3 recap

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Marco refused to tell the guards where Qianlong is. Qianlong came and saw Marco fainted. Qianlong told the two guards he won’t come back to the palace. The two guards asked Qianlong to come back to the palace they’ll punish him. Qian Long asked the guards if they harrassed him, he can punish him. If they release him, he can let it go. The guards said they’ll wait after they hear from the Empress Dowager. Qianlong fought with the guards. A female assassin fought with the guards and killed them. Qianlong told Marco’s mother that he got chased by two thieves. He hid and coincidentally saw Marco. Marco fought with the guards and got injured. Marco’s mother said the thieves seems to have more than ten years of martial art skills and she couldn’t believe they would be thieves with their powerful skills. Qialong saw Joe’s sister and she reminds him of the assassin who has saved him. Qianlong asked Joe’s sister where was she last night. Qianlong requested Joe’s sister to take off her one eye mask. Qianlong told Joe’s sister he is attracted to her. Qianlong saw Joe’s sister eyebrow and feels that she isn’t the female assassin who has rescued him.

Qianlong gave Marco’s mother a bottle of wine. Qianlong and Marco peeked at his mother drinking the wine. Marco saw his mother drinking wine and blackmailed her to let him hang out. Joe’s sister chased Eddie. Marco teased Eddie. Marco’s parents wait for Marco to come home for diner. Marco’s father smelled the wine. Marco’s mother said it is the smell of the food. Marco went hom. Marco’s father asked Marco what does he want to do in his life. Marco’s father said he has opened a wine business and plans to let him work there.


Madamme’s brother threw a bottle of wine at Marco’s father as a gift for their grand opening. Marco’s mother caught the bottle of wine. Madamme’s brother demanded Marco’s father to give him fifty thousand taels ahead. Joe and his sister came. Marco’s parents wine business is crowded. Madamme’s brother try to find a way to close down Marco’s parents business. Marco’s mother try to resist not to drink the wine. Marco asked his mother to drink a few wine and he won’t tell his father. Marco’s mother performed martial arts while grabbing wines for the customers. Snakes crawled on the wines. Marco’s mother hit the snakes with a stick. Marco’s mother asked Marco to look after the business. Joe’s sister dressed up and asked Marco if Qianlong is here. Marco teased Joe’s sister that it would be nice if she helped him stay here selling wines for the customers while he leaves for a while. Joe’s sister doubts if Marco fell for her.


A lady dressed in the french suite came on board with her mother. After she takes a picture, a worker fainted. The workers assumed that the worker’s soul is in the camera. The lady’s mother fought with the workers. They chased the lady. The lady tripped down the water. Marco saved the lady. Madamme’s brother and the lady’s mother worried about their daughter. Madamme’s brother servant take down the stalls searching for the lady. The servants harrassed the lady dressed as a boy. The lady’s parents consoled their daughter and said he has chopped the servants hands. The lady told her father he has spoiled his servants and she heard that he is a jerk. The lady requested her father to donate money to build a school. The lady’s held Marco cloth.


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