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Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 34 recap

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Yan Tan Z used poison and sacrificed one of the beggar sect member. Ah Zhi’s master fought with Yan Tan Z and grabbed Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi’s master requested him to do one thing forhim if he wants him to release Ah Zhi. He has to beg him as his master. Yan Tan Z bowed in front of Ah Zhi’s master. Ah Zhi’s master asked Yan Tan Z to kill the elder monk. One of the three leaders told Yan Tan Z he isn’t qualified to be their leader. Yan Tan Z killed one of the three leaders. The leader wished Qiao Feng was the leader of the beggar sect. Qiao Feng and the mongol prepares to attend the martial arts conference. Yan Tan Z and the beggar sect went with Ah Zhi’s master and his sect to the temple. The third lady worried that the elder monk is not Yan Tan Z and Ah Zhi’s master match. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan to take care when the sect has a match. Wang Yu Yan told Duan Yu that Mu Ron Fu will take care of her. Duan Zhen Jing and his wife saw Ah Zhi’s eye blind. The elder monk told Yan Tan Z that since he begged Ah Zhi’s master as his master. He is a member of another sect. Yan Tan Z used Ah Zhi’s master martial arts to punch the monk. Ah Zhi’s master laughed and said his sect’s power is stronger than the beggar sect’s power. Qiao Feng flew and used his power on Yan Tan Z’s master. Qiao Feng used his power to drag Ah Zhi back. Ah Zhi hugged Qiao Feng and told him that her master caused her to be blind. Qiao Feng told Duan Zhen Jing he can save Ah Zhi but he can’t return Ah Zhu to him.


Duan Yu greets Qiao Feng. Ah Zhi’s master laughed that Qiao Feng brought the Khitan soldier dressed up as Hans and plan to destroy the temple. The sect member said Qiao Feng is the prince of Khitan. The sect member asked the sect to revenge toward Qiao Feng. Mu Rong Fu sided with Ah Zhi’s master. Duan Yu confronted Mu Rong Fu for taking sides with Ah Zhi’s master. Qiao Feng used to clear the name for Mu Rong Fu. Qiao Feng pushed Duan Yu toward his soldiers and fought with Ah Zhi’s master, Mu Rong Fu, and Yan Tan Z. Ah Zhi’s master and Mu Rong Fu fell. Xu Zhu’s master told Xu Zhu that Qiao Feng is having a fight with Mu Rong Fu, Ah Zhi’s master, and Yan Tan Z. Yan Tan Z’s veil got torn. The sect members looked at Yan Tan Z’s hideous face. Qiao Feng drinks with Duan Yu. Xu Zhu came aout and want to drink with them. Qiao Feng admired Xu Zhu’s loyalty. Qiao Feng, Duan Yu, and Xu Zhu bowed and sworn to be brothers. Xu Zhu fought with Ah Zhi’s master. Mu Rong Fu and Yan Tan Z fought with Qiao Feng. Duan Yu tapped Mu Rong Fu’s back and want to fight with him. Mu Rong Fu stepped on Duan Yu and asked him if he wants to die. Duan Yu daydream of Wang Yu Yan and said there’s this silly boy who wants to die.


Duan Zhen Jing and the second villain fought with Mu Rong Fu. Xu Zhu fought with Ah Zhi’s master. Ah Zhi’s master confronted Ah Zhu for accepting the ring and being the leader of his sect. Ah Zhi’s master regrets of killing Xu Zhu so now he becomes his karma. Duan Zhen Jing used his power on Mu Rong Fu. Wang Yu Yan interrupted and the power touched the second villain. Yat Khing fought with Duan Zhen Jing. The second villain fought with Mu Rong Fu. Mu Rong Fu punched Duan Zhen Jing from the back and got injured. The elder monk prevented YatKhing from killing Duan Zhen Jing. Duan Yu used his power on Mu Rong Fu. Qiao Feng told Yan Tan Z he isn’t worth of being the leader of the sect.

The maids surrounded Ah Zhi’s master. Xu Zhu fought with Ah Zhi’s master. The third lady saw the circular dots on Xu ZHu’s back and teared up. Duan Yu used his power and Mu Rong Fu’s hair fell down. Wang Yu Yan pleads Duan Yu to spare Mu Rong Fu. Mu Rong Fu was about to punch Duan Yu on his back. Qiao Feng flew and kicked Mu Rong Fu. Qiao Feng confronted Mu Rong Fu for stabbing Duan Yu from the back. Mu Rong Fu said he doesn’t need anyone to spare him nor pity him. Yan Tan Z search for Ah Zhi and killed the monk. Mu Rong Fu ran to the tree and whined for losing to Duan Yu and having Wang Yu Yan begged to spare him. Mu Rong Fu took out a knife and wants to end himself. An assassin in the mask stopped Mu Rong Fu and asked him if he has children or if he has parents. The assassin the mask laughed and said Yan Dynasty used to be powerful and now it has become a mess.


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