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Weapons of Power episode 25 recap

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Lin Die asked the servant for water and fought with the assassins. A female assassin grabbed Lin Die’s son  and harassed Lin Die by placing his son on the top of the well. Lin Die’s son shoes fell on the well. Lin Die fought with the assassins and threw a sword at the female assassins. Lin Die got injured and held the rope and picked his son up. Lin Die’s son went to the stream and picked up some water for her father. Lin Die’s  son sucked in the water and pour it on his  father’s mouth. Lin Die’s son  prayed and threw the yellow cover on the Buddhist. Lin Die’s son picked up a bun and pour it on his father’s mouth.

Flashback of a sect member received a knife from his second brother to kill Xiaohou Zhun. The sect members gave Xiaohou Zhun some artifacts as gifts. Some assassins fought with Xiaohou Zhun’s sect member. The sect member saved their master who his the prisoner and Lin Pen and Nuo Feng. The sect member opened the gift box and the sword flew toward Xiaohou Zhun. Xiaohou Zhun pushed the sword out and punched the sect member and he died. Xiahou Zhun’s sect surrounded the prisoner and Lin Pen and Nuo Feng. The prisoner confronted Xiaohou Zhun for wanting to learn all the sect’s martial arts. Lin Pen called Xiaohou Zhun a traitor and said he has poisoned his father’s dagger. Lin Pen asked he sect members what did his father’s sect did which caused them to despite them. Lin Pen and Nuo Feng denied of killing the priest’s son. The prisoner said Xiaohou Zhun wanted to force him to give out the manuel so he has drugged him. The prisoner grabbed Xiaohou Zhun asked Lin Pen and Nuo Feng to leave. Lin Pen’s symptom reoccur.


Lin Pen and Nuo Feng perform martial arts for a living. Lin Die’s son stole Lin Pen’s bag of money and ran. Lin Pen caught Lin Die’s son. Lin Die’s son told Lin Pen that his  father is injured. Lin Pen and Nuo Feng found Lin Die. Xiaohou Zhun asked the priest if he heard rumors about him. Xiaohou Zhun asked the priest if he suspects him for killing his son. Xiaohou Zhun laughed and told the priest twenty years ago, he killed his master for the leader post. He learned the dark martial arts. Only he can master the martial arts. Why does everyone leave him. Xiaohou Zhun punched the priest and said he has killed his son. Xiaohou Zhun fought with the sect members. Xiaohou Zhun has a headache for studying overdose of martial arts. The doctor told Xiahou Zhun his illness can’t be cure. The drug can relieve his symptom. The sect leaders left Xiaohou Zhun feeling that he is dangerous. Xiahou Zhun ached and wanted to kill all of them for betraying him.


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