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Weapons of Power episode 26 recap (End)

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Xiaohou Zhun has an illusion of defeating the sect. A guy gave Lin Pen a bun pancake as a gift for performing martial arts. The guy heard Lin Pen mentioning the dagger builder’s name and asked him why did he want to find his father. The guy took Lin Pen and Nuo Feng to his father’s grave. Lin Pen asked the guy about the weapon. The guy doesn’t know where his father placed the weapon. Lin Pen, Nuo Feng, and Lin Die search for the weapon. The guy gave Lin Pen and his friends some buns. The guy said his father used to chat with him but after he passed away he has stopped talking to him. Lin Pen wonders if the weapons was buried with the guy’s father. Lin Die doubts he was sick and died before finishing building the dagger.

Lin Pen, Lin Die, and Nuo Feng pray in front of the guy’s father’s grave and dig the grave. Lin Pen tries to break the rock with a sword but the sword broke. Lin Pen was surprised since the sword is made of steal and broke by the rock. Lin Pen doubts if the rock is the guy’s father weapon. Lin Pen asked the guy what is the rock. The guy said it belongs to his father and he sleeps with hit so he drug him with the rock. Lin Pen and Lin Die used the rock to make the sword. Lin Die sighed that he failed making the sword. The guy laughed and cooked some pancakes for Lin Pen, Lin Die, and Nuo Feng. Lin Pen asked the guy why does the pancakes have words on it. Nuo Feng rolled the flour and saw a quote. The guy thought how his father told him that he has to have the heart to accomplish his task. The guy’s father cut his arm and poured blood on the dagger. Lin Pen, Lin Die, and Nuo Feng cut their arms and pour their blood on the cauldron. They finally managed to take out the sword out of the cauldron.


Xiaohou Zhun sits on the chair and longed for drug. Lin Pen, Lin Die, and Nuo Feng came in front of Xiaohou Zhun’s house and fought with him. Xiaohou Zhun picked up the bottle of drug. Lin Pen kick it out. Lin Pen chopped the bottle and sliced Xiaohou Zhun’s body. Xiahou Zhun crawled trying to reach the bottle of drug and died. Lin Pen, Lin Die, and Nuo Feng bowed in front of Mu Rong Bai’s tablet. Nuo Feng is pregnant with Lin Pen. Eighteen years later, Nuo Feng’s daughter got married to Lin Die’s son. Lin Die’s son opened the wedding veil and surprised seeing a brother. Lin Die’s son tried to kiss Lin Pen’s son. Lin Pen’s son moved Lin Die’s son head away.

The End


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