HK-Korean Drama Expression

The Emperor and I episode 4 recap

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On the way home, Marco wore the lady’s dress and got accused by a maid for being a pervert. Marco’s mother beat him and put some medicine on him. Marco’s father found a teacher for Marco. Marco whined that studying is boring. Marco’s mother suggests Marco to bring Qialong with him. Qianlong recited the poem for the teacher. A classmate told Qianlong and Marco that their teacher is deaf and won’t hear what they have recited. Marco’s father wine business went down due to the rumor of having snakes. Qianlong’s eunuch suggests Marco to do buy one give three free. Marco’s father yelled at Qianlong’s eunuch that this will make the business lose profit. Marco’s mother introduced to the customers how to drink wine. Marco’s mother drank three cups of wine and got drunk. Marco’s mother stood on the bottle of wines and drunkenly say the poems. The customers went in and bought the wine.

Madamme’s brother got mad that Marco’s father stole all his customers causing his wine business to god won. Madamme’s brother greets the french priest. Madamme’s brother agrees to invest in the school for his daughter Maria and the priest. The lady Maria met Marco again. The priest explained to Qianlong and Marco about the world and Qing. Marco showed the flyer for his mother and begged her to let him study at the french school. Marco and his mother watches a seadan chair passed by and the servant fought with a man who harassed her. A maid invited Marco’s father to watch the contet in the brothel of who’s going to win the beautiful singer. Marco’s mother is not interested and tore the invitation card. Joe’s sister flip taels and wonder if she should choose Marco or Qianlong.


Marco and Qianlong requested Joe to let them board on the ship to attend the brothel. The beauty’s servant beat up Joe and forbids him to walk on the boat. Joe’s sister dressed up as a male and wants to go with Joe to the brothel. Joe’s sister helped Maroc and Qianlong sneaked in the boat to the brothel. Marco eavesdrop on the beauty’s maid and was disappointed. Joe, Marco, and Qianlong left. Marco, Joe, and Qianlong went and watch the ceremony and saw the beauty behind the pink fan. The customers bid on the three beautiful girls to win the pageant. Qianlong bought the beauty singer for one thousand taels. The beauty singer played the harp for Qianlong. Qianlong wants to befriend the beauty lady. The beauty singer told Qianlong that it’s more convenient for them to be business partners. Qianlong asked the beaty singer if she is the assassins who has saved him. Qianlong’s eunuch worried that they will run out of money since Qianlong has spent one thousand taels. Qianlong feels so great listening at the beauty singer playing the harp for him. The french priest and Maria introduced the deaft teacher Qianlong and Marco and the students. The deaf teacher said the french priest have made him a hearing aid and he now he can listen to them. Marco bumped into an elder man and picked up his shoes. Maria returned the shirt for Marco. Qianlong visits the beauty singer. The beaut singer asked the master to tell Qianlong she’s busy. Marco saw the beauty singer at the restaurant and told her that he’s sending a message for Qianlong that he likes her. The beauty singer told Marco that his parents must be disappointed he is busy courting girls instead of studying. Marco yelled at the beauty singer and left.


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