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Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 35 recap

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Xu Zhu used his power on Ah Zhi’s master and grabbed him and demanded him to give out the medicine. Ah Zhi’s master left chickened out and left. Xu Zhu brought Ah Zhi’s master to the elder monk for punishment. The assassin told Mu Rong Fu about the reform of Yan. The assassin told Mu Rong Fu to hang on and don’t cowardly die so easily. The assassins suggest Mu Rong Fu to wait till the right time until the Khitan has a war with the monks then they can reform their empire. Mu Rong Fu told the assassin that his martial arts isn’t as good as Duan Yu. The assassin said his martial art is strong but Mu Rong Fu haven’t mastered it. Qiao Feng arrived and asked Mu Rong Fu if he seen Yan Tan Z. The assassin wants to fight with Qiao Feng. The assassin fought with Qiao Feng. The man in the black suit came and asked his motivate of coming to the temple. Qiao Feng chased the man in the black suit. Qiao Feng told the man in the black suit that Ah Zhu died innocently. The monks have sealed the temple and there’s no way for him to escape. He’s afraid when he dies he won’t know who is his parent’s murderer. The main in the black suit told Qiao Feng he will eventually tell him the truth. Xu Zhu brought Ah Zhi’s master to the temple. The maid told Ah Zhi’s master that the pill can only reduce the pain for three days. The elder monk punished Ah Zhi’s master by locking him up in the dungeon. The elder monk punished Xu Zhu by kicking him out of the temple. Jiu Mo Zhi came and laughed that the elder monk didn’t punish Xu Zhu for falling in love and drinking. Xu Zhu is getting ready for his punishment to be spanked. The third lady saw the bruises on Xu Zhu’s back and asked the monks to stop beating his son. The third lady wants to take the crime for Xu Zhu. The third lady told Xu Zhu that when she gave birth to him, she used to candle scent to make circular dots on his back. The third lady cried and hugged Xu Zhu.


The man in the black suit laughed and asked the third lady where did she got the scar. The man the black suit asked the third lady who’s the father. The man in the black suit told the third lady she is a gentle lady but got lured by a person. The third lady cried and said that person is a good guy. The man in the black suit told the third lady that the father is here. The man in the black suit said the father is a high ranked person. The third lady refused to tell Xu Zhu and fainted. The third lady asked Xu Zhu to take her down the mountain. The man in the black suit told the third lady he has to revenge. The man in the black asked the lady if she knows why he stole her baby. Someone caused told his son and killed his wife breaking up his family. He stole her son and gave it to the monks to raise him. His son was also raised by the monks at the temple. The assassin took off his mask and it happens to be Qiao Feng’s father. Qiao Feng’s father and Qiao Feng looked at each other and laughed.

Qiao Feng’s father told Qiao Feng that back then the monks killed innocent people. The leader of the troop is still alive. He planned to bring him to see his grandma to celebrate his birthday but he got attacked by the monks. For thirty years, he’s been hiding in the temple to read the manuel. Qiao Feng’s father said he has killed his foster father for not telling Qiao Feng the truth. He killed those people who protected the leader of the troop. He has given one punch to Qiao Feng’s master. Qiao Feng said if anyone wants to revenge toward his father, they should find him instead. Qiao Feng’s father asked the third lady to tell out who is Xu Zhu’s father. The third lady begged Qiao Feng’s father to forgive him. Qiao Feng’s father said that person is the elder monk. The elder monk told Xu Zhu asked Xu Zhu to come. He’s been in the temple for twenty four years but never knew that he is his son. The elder monk told Qiao Feng’s father though he’s been separated with his son for thirty years, he should feel relieve knowing that he is the leader of the beggar sect while he stayed at the temple for twenty years missing his son. The elder monk told Qiao Feng that the incident has caused may innocent lives. Xu Zhu stood in front of the elder monk. Qiao Feng asked the elder monk who has sent him the message. The elder monk said that person has been dead for thirty years. He doesn’t bear to tarnish his name. Qiao Feng said if he hides this secret, the mastermind will passed the evil scheme for his generation. Duan Yu told Qiao Feng Mu Rong Bo died twenty years ago but when he went to the cave, he didn’t see him in the tomb so he suspects Mu Rong Bo may still be alive and is the one who spread the fake message. Mu Rong Fu yelled at Duan Yu.

The elder monk tried to punch Mu Rong Fu. The assassin punched the monk. Mu Rong Bo told Mu Rong Fu, he used to fake death and hid in the temple. Duan Yu told Qiao Feng he heard from Wang Yu Yan’s mother that Mu Rong family has a motive of reforming Yan Dynasty. Mu Rong Bo has a duel with Qiao Feng’s father.


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