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Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 36 recap

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The elder monk ordered the monks to spank him two hundred spanks for not following the law. Duan Yu suggests the monk to give the elder monk eighty spank first then continue later. The third lady cried and begs the monk to stop spanking. Qiao Feng fought with Mu Rong Fu. Jiu Mo Zhi interfere and greets Mu Rong Bo. Mu Rong Bo asekd Qiao Feng’s father what does he think if Jiu Mo Zhi, collaborate with him and Mu Rong Fu against him. Mu Rong Bo asked Mu Rong Fu to show the seal of Yan to Qiao Feng. Mu Rong Bo wants to collaborate with Qiao Feng to reform his Yan Dynasty. Mu Rong Bo is willing to let Qiao Feng’s father taking his life in exchange for killing the Hans. Qiao Feng said he has to protect the people instead of being selfish and let people suffer for his need. The sweeper monk complimented Qiao Feng for his kind heart. Mu Rong Fu threw books at the sweeper monk. The sweeper monk organized the manuels and asked why did he messed his library. The sweeper monk said he may have been staying here for about seventy to eighty years ago. The sweeper monk told the Tibetan monk he remembered his brother sneaked in the temple and read the manuel then he sneaked and read the manuel. The elder monk told the third lady that he misses her and wouldn’t dare to admit his mistake. The elder monk passed away. The third lady killed herself using a knife. Xu Zhu cried nagging his father and mother. The monk sweeper monk told Qiao Feng’s father and Mu Rong Fu’s father that they spent the day studying the manuel. They turned crazy from studing martial arts so he placed two manuels but too bad they didn’t see it. The Tibetan monk was more greedy and studied the seventy two steps of martial arts and got injured. Qiao Feng begged the sweeper monk to save his father. Mu Rong Fu bids farewell to the sweeper monk. Qiao Feng has a duel with Mu Rong Fu. Mu Rong Fu stopped them. Qiao Feng is willing to take all his father’s crime. The sweeper monk asked Qiao Feng’s father if he is willing to transfer his energy for Mu Rong Bo. The sweeper monk used his power on Mu Rong Bo and he spat blood. Mu Rong Fu confronted the sweeper monk for killing his father. The sweeper monk pushed Mu Rong Fu. The sweeper monk asked Qiao Feng’s father if he feels better since Mu Rong Bo has died. Qiao Feng asked Mu Rong Fu to kill him. The sweeper monk used his power on Qiao Feng’s father.

The sect member suggests the monks to kill Qiao Feng and the Khitan. Xu Zhu chooss not to take any side. Duan Zhen Jing asked Ah Zhi what happened to her eyes. Ah Zhi worries for Qiao Feng and left. Duan Yu saw the sect member told the two leaders to kill Qiao Feng and revenge for the death of the other memebrs. Duan Yu asked the sect member why did he keep on accusing Qiao Feng. He has sent the two leaders a letter from his father to clear up this misunderstanding. The sect members said they haven’t received the letter. Duan Yu asked the sect member why did he get rid of the letter. Duan Yu said the sect member told Qiao Feng’s fan and accused Qiao Feng of killing Brother Ma. The two leaders killed the sect member. Ah Zhi searched for Qiao Feng. The two sect leaders wanted to kidnap Ah Zhi. Yan Tan Z saved Ah Zhi.


The sweeper monk transferred energy for Mu Rong Bo and Qiao Feng’s father. Xu Zhu grieved his parent’s death. The sweeper monk healed the injuries in Qiao Feng’s father and Mu Rong Bo’s body. Qiao Feng’s father pleads the sweeper monk to be his master. Mu Rong Bo asked the sweeper monk to be his master. Qiao Feng’s father shakes Mu Rong Bo’s hands. The sweeper monk said the more powerful they are, the more greedy they are. Only when they follow Buddhist that they are more generous. Jiu Mo Zhi grabbed Duan Yu.


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