Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 37 recap

Qiao Feng’s father bids farewell to Qiao Feng. Mu Rong Bo told Mu Rong Fu that the reforming of the Yan plan is the past. Qiao Feng brought Duan Yu to his old house. Zhong Ling took care of Duan Yu. Zhong Ling told Duan Yu she’s been waiting for him for two days. He keeps on calling Wang Yu Yan’s name. If she knew he fell for another girl, she wouldn’t have cooked him some chicken soup. Yan Tan Z went in the house with Ah Zhi. Duan Yu hid with Zhong Ling. Zhong Ling asked Duan Yu who are these two. Zhong Ling asked Duan Yu if that girl is Wang Yu Yan. And she is blind. Ah Zhi told Yan Tan Z she thought he could protect her but it turns out they ended up hiding. Yan Tan Z dip the chicken soup for Ah Zhi. Duan Yu wonder why is Ah Zhi with Yan Tan Z. Zhong Ling teased Duan Yu that the girl likes Yan Tan Z. Duan Yu told Zhong Ling that the girl wouldn’t fall for him since she is his sister. Zhong Ling and she heard Duan Yu’s father is flirty. Duan Yu said she can’t say that because that means his father is a bad guy. Some sect members came. Yan Tan Z beat them. Ah Zhi sensed there is someone. Yan Tan Zh used his power push the hay and and bout to kill Duan Yu. Yan Tan Z told Ah Zhi there is a couple, the male is injured while the female has smart looking eyes. Ah Zhi wants Yan Tan Z to pull out Zhong Ling’s eyes for her. Zhong Ling asked Ah Zhi if she is crazy, she is pretty but she couldn’t believe she is that evil. Ah Zhi asked Zhong Ling if she wants her to cut her tongue. Duan Yu is willing to exchange his eyes instead. Qiao Feng stopped Yan Tan Z. Ah Zhi hugged Qiao Feng. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng if he remembers he promised to take care of her. She doesn’t want to live anymore. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi he won’t interfere with who she hangs out but Yan Tan Z isn’t trustworthy. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng if he told the clan he is a Khitan. Ah Zhi wants Qiao Feng to pull out Zhong Ling’s eyes for her. Xu Zhu told Qiao Feng that there may be a way to heal Ah Zhi’s eyes. Ah Zhi wants Zhong Ling’s eyes. Ah Zhi said though Zhong Ling is Duan Yu’s friend, she is Duan Yu’s sister. Xu Zhu’s maid told Ah Zhi that even if Xu Zhu can heal her, he won’t cause she’s a witch. Ah Zhi told the maid she rather be a witch than a brat like her.


At the restaurant, Mu Rong Fu heard the customers say that Qiao Feng is a lot stronger than Mu Rong. Mu Rong only has the name. Mu Rong Fu drinks. Wang Yu Yan consoled Mu Rong Fu to not care what others say. Winning and losing is normal. They should live a peaceful life playing instruments and read books. Mu Rong Fu said the palace of Yan is his real house. Wang Yu Yan asked Mu Rong Fu if he only care about reforming Yan. Wang Yu Yan asked Mu Rong Fu if his name means that much to him. Wang Yu Yan knows she is only second to his mission of reforming Yan. Mu Rong Fu received an invitation letter from Princess Xi Xia. Mu Rong Fu hopes he gets to marry Princess Xia Xia hoping to ally with her to reform Yan Dynasty. Mu Rong Fu said Wang Yu Yan can leave if she wants.


Ah Zhi told Duan Yu that Wang Yu Yan only likes Mu Rong Fu and he should stop dreaming. Ah Zhi told Zhong Ling that Wang Yu Yan is really pretty and a lot nicer than her. Duan Yu told Ah Zhi that Zhong Ling is his sister. They are both his sisters. Zhong Ling cried. Ah Zhi laughed that her father gave her a brother and a sister. Zhong Ling and Ah Zhi wants to be the big sister. Ah Zhi teased Zhong Ling she will poke her eyes if she is her big sister. Xu Zhu’s maid teased Ah Zhi they didn’t bring dishes for her. Ah Zhi got mad and pushed the chopsticks. Ah Zhi pushed down the chair. Ah Zhi cried and hugged Qiao Feng and asked him if he wants her to leave. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi that she has pushed his foster’s parents tablets. Yan Tan Z ran and pour water on his face. Ah Zhi tries to fix the cooking machine for Qiao Feng. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng she will change. Qiao Feng said he can tell Yan Tan Z truly loves him though his personality is strange. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi he has to cherish Yan Tan Z. Ah Zhi whined that Qiao Feng takes care of her because of Ah Zhu. Ah Zhi left. Yan Tan Z told Qiao Feng even if he dies for Ah Zhi, she won’t fall for him. Duan Yu asked Xu Zhu if he ever meets his dream girl again, what would he say to her. He feels luckier than him though Wang Yu Yan doesn’t like him, at least he can still sees her. Qiao Feng sighed that he lost and found his father then lost. Qiao Feng apologized to Xu Zhu for his father causing his father’s death. Xu Zhu told Qiao Feng that let the bygone bygone. Duan Yu wants to enjoy his life on the farm with Qiao Feng and Xu Zhu after Ah Zhi’s eyes is healed. Duan Yu received an invitation letter from Princess Xi Xia. Duan Yu smiled and thinking that Mu Rong Fu will be there. Duan Yu asked Xu Zhu to come with him. Qiao Feng wants to visit his father for the last time.



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