Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 38 recap

Qiao Feng’s father advised Qiao Feng that he is the prince of Khitan and should take care of the Khitan and Hans. Ah Zhi’s mother told Duan Zhen Jing she misses Ah Zhi and worried about her. Mu Wan Qing’s mother is tired of waiting for Duan Zhen Jing. Ah Zhi’s mother teased Duan Zhen Jing. Ah Zhi’s mother pushed Duan Zhen Jing on Mu Wan Qing’s mother. Mu Wan Qing’s mother striked a sword toward Ah Zhi’s mother. Duan Zhen Jing took the stab. Ah Zhi’s mother pointed a sword at Mu Wan Qing’s mother . Duan Zhen Jing pressed the sword. Duan Zhen Jing told Ah Zhi’s mother and Mu Wan Qing’s mother he love them both. Ah Zhi’s mother and Mu Wan Qing’s mother met Zhong Ling’s mother. Zhong Ling wants to see Duan Zhen Jing. Zhong Ling’s mother blames Duan Yu for causing her daughter to search for him. Duan Zhen Jing told Zhong Ling’s mother that Duan Yu and Zhong Ling are on the way to see Princess Xi Xia choosing a groom. Mu Wan Qing’s mother told Mu Wan Qing that no matter how song a girl is, when she falls for someone, she will accept her fate. Mu Wan Qing left a letter to her mother that she is leaving to find Duan Yu.


Jiu Mo Zhi and a contestant fought with Mu Wan Qing. Qiao Feng fought with Jiu Mo Zhi. Duan Yu laughed that Jiu Mo Zhi left after seeing Qiao Feng. Mu Wan Qing tries to knock in front of Duan Yu’s door. Zhong Ling told Mu Wan Qing she found out the they are Duan Yu’s sisters. Mu Wan Qing told Zhong Ling meeting each other is like not meeting. Mu Wan Qing told Zhong Ling that Duan Yu is the first person who took off her veil. Zhong Ling told Mu Wan Qing that Duan Yu has a lover. A contestant carried a rock to show his strenght and left. Duan Yu greets Mu Rong Fu and glad seeing Wang Yu Yan and worried she was mad at him for offending Mu Rong Fu. Mu Rong Fu fought with the contestant. Jiu Mo Zhi and the second and fourth villain came. Yatkhing said they are all guests of Princess Xi Xia. Wang Yu Yan asked Duan Yu what do they mean by choosing a groom. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan that he is here to join the contest to marry Princess Xi Xia. Zhong Ling teased Duan Yu that Wang Yu Yan is so beautiful which is unresistant for him to fall for her. Zhong Ling said Wang Yu Yan doens’t seem to know about the contest and it looks like Mu Rong Fu is lying to her.

Wang Yu Yan cried and asked Mu Rong Fu why she didn’t tell him. He promised her mother he will take care of her. Mu Rong Fu said if he marries Princess Xi Xia, he can reform Yan Dynasty. Wang Yu Yan cried and said she loves Mu Rong Fu and hopes he will do the same and she can’t be one of his concubines. Mu Rong Fu told Wang Yu Yan he already did what he thinks it’s good and if she wants to leave then he has no choice. Wang Yu Yan asked Mu Rong Fu if reforming Yan is that important. Mu Rong Fu replied yes. Wang Yu Yan understands and leave. Mu Rong Fu said no one can get in his way of reforming Yan.

Wang Yu Yan stood on the cliff and about to suicide. Wang Yu Yan jumps down. Duan Yat Khing held her up. Jiu Mo Zhi three villains on the cliff and laughed and threw a fire ball at him. Qiao Feng fought with Jiu Mo Zhi. Jiu Mo Zhi ache his stomach and thought of what the sweeper monk said. YatKhing told Duan Yu since he is a guest and has saved him. He will put their affair aside for now. Wang Yu Yan wakes up in Duan Yu’s arm. The second villain told Xu Zhu that his martial arts as the third lady’s son didn’t disappoint him. The second villain told Wang Yu Yan it would be better if she marries Duan Yu.


Duan Yu wants to compete with Mu Rong Fu as the groom to marry Princess Xi Xia so Mu Rong Fu will return to Wang Yu Yan. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan he’s joining the contest to gain allies with Princess Xi Xia and will be an advantage for Dali. Duan Yu said he matches with Princess Xi Xia in status. Wang Yu Yan told Duan Yu she can’t repay him today but only can wait till her next life. Duan Yu daydream and tripped down the swamp. Duan Yu visits Mu Rong Fu and told him that Wang Yu Yan was about to suicide for him. Duan Yu told Mu Rong Fu he should cherish Wang Yu Yan. Duan Yu told Mu Rong Fu to not dare to be the groom. Duan Yu told Mu Rong Fu he is only a failure in martial arts. Mu Rong Fu asked Duan Yu to step outside with him and asked him why does he has to fight for the princess with him. Duan Yu said he doesn’t want Wang Yu Yan to be sad. Mu Rong Fu told Duan Yu he is lying and that trick only works for three years old. Mu Rong Fu told Duan Yu he knows that he wants Wang Yu Yan to be with him so he can be with Princess Xi Xia. Duan Yu asked Mu Rong Fu to give up and marry Wang Yu Yan. Mu Rong Fu called Wang Yu Yan and pushed Duan Yu in the well.



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