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Sword of the Outlaw episode 41 recap

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The villager told Xiao Qian that today is her lucky day since she encounter a good person like him. Xiao Qian asked the villager about his name and found out that he is her brother. Xiao Qian thanked god for helping her find her brother. Xiao Qian saw a bride crying and screaming and took her out to the mountain. The bride told Xiao Qian that she was happpy marrying to her fiance and it was her tradition to scream and cried. The groom’s servants chased Xiao Qian. Xiao Qian left. Xiao Qian washes the foster kids face. Xiao Qian teaches the word Yan to the kids. The kids got bored that Xiao Qian always teach the same words. The kids don’t have fees to pay the school and put the winter melon in the basket for Xiao Qian. A kid told Xiao Qian that his grandfather doesn’t have the fee and needs to save it to heal his grandpa’s leg. The kid gave Xiao Qian an egg. The kid asked Qiao Qian to teach him a poem. Xiao Qian told the kids that if there isn’t a good student, they will be behind. Three men came and read the poem. Xiao Qian slapped them and they fainted.

The eunuch and the troop is prepared to search for the treasure.Fengyi and Zhuiyun are in search for the treasure. The mongolian girl asked the eunuch about if he knows about the death of Zhuiyun’s sect. The mongolian girl said she is Zhuiyun’s sister and heard that he has destroyed Zhuiyun’s sect. The eunuch asked the Mongolian girl if she is happy. The mongolian girl said she’s been happy living in those ten years but ever since she knows the truth she wasn’t happy. The eunuch told the mongolian girl what she said was the truth. The eunuch admitted he has destroyed Zhuiyun’s brother and he did destroyed the sect. The mongolian girl wished the eunuch told her she isn’t Zhuiyun’s sister. The mongolian girl cried and bowed in front of the eunuch for the last time. The eunuch told the mongolian girl he doesn’t care who she is, she is his daughter. The mongolian girl told the eunuch they are enemies.


The mongolian girl saw the bodyguard and said the eunuch is still good to her. The mongolian girl told the bodyguard that she ratehr die. The bodyguard told he mongolian girl that others have no choice but to die but she doesn’t want to make a choice. The mongolian girl told the bodyguard that no one can defeat the eunuch. The bodyguard believes he still has a chance if he tries. The bodyguard told the mongolian girl that if she keeps on going further, she will go further in the wrong path. The bodyguard met Zhuiyun and Fengyi. The bodyguard told them that the eunuch wants to rebel. Fengyi told the bodyguard they used the martial arts way instead of the law unlike him. Zhuiyun asked the bodyguard if he ever thought following the law could be wrong. Zhuiyun said it doesn’t matter which tactics they use as long as the people can live peacefully. The bodyguard told the mongolian girl she must see Zhuiyun.


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