Sword of the Outlaw episode 42 recap (End)

Zhuiyun asked the Mongolian girl if she is willing to return to her home. The bodyguard told Zhuiyun that the mongolian girl needs motivation to change. Zhuiyun told the bodyguard that the mongolian girl will come back when she knows he loves her. The bodyguard told ZhuiyUn that the law is important to him. Zhuiyun told the bodyguard that with their power, they can’t beat the eunuch. The bodyguard said he has given all the evidence to the majesty and he can take the eunuch down. Fengyi told the mongolian girl as long she has a heart, she will have friends.

The majesty sent an edict to the bodyguard ordering him to arrest the eunuch. The mongolian girl thought of her brother Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun threw the majesty gown at the enuch. The eunuch told the majesty that the dynasty needs a stronger majesty. The eunuch’s girl pointed a knife at the majesty and said she’s a spy for the eunuch. The majesty pointed his head toward the knife and fainted. The bodyguard stabbed the spy. The bodyguard and the mongolian girl join forces with Fengyi and Zhuiyun to defeat the eunuch. The eunuch played the instrument while Zhuiyun and Fengyi fight with the soldiers. Fengyi, Zhuiyun , and the bodyguard fought with the eunuch. The eunuch played the drum. Ice spashes. Fengyi took the stab for Zhuiyun. Fengyi injured and told Zhuiyun that he will see him in his next life. The mongolian bowed and thanked the eunuch for raising her. The eunuch gave the mongolian his knife and said she can revenge for her parents. The mongolian girl pointed a sword in the eunuch’s body.



The majesty wants to be a monk. The majesty refused to admit that the eunuch is a rebel and the spy is fake. The bodgyuard told the majesty he needs to wake up. The majesty asked the bodyguard if the eunuch wanted to kill him. The majesty asked the bodyguard what is good and what is evil. The majesty ordered the guard to arrest the bodyguard and asked him to leave. The servant told the majesty that nobody can fully tell who is evil or who is good and who could tell that the eunuch is evil. Zhuiyun wonder what world is Fengyi in. He believes that as long as she’s here, he will wait for her in the future. Zhuiyun stab himself and touched Fengyi while laying next to ther on the canoe. Zhuiyun thought of Fengyi. Zhuiyun died next to Fengyi.



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