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Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 40 recap

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Duan Yu thanked Mu Rong Fu for wishing him and Wang Yu Yan happiness. Wang Yu Yan hopes Mu Rong Fu win the contest to marry Princess Xi Xia. Princess Xi Xia invited the contestants to look at the paintings. A contestant tore the painting and saw the martial arts on the wall. The contestants performed them and got a headache. Qiao Feng grabbed Princess Xi Xia’s maid and asked her about her motive. Princess Xi Xia appears behind the cover. Duan Yu volunteered to be first to answer the questions. Princess Xi Xia aksed Duan Yu what is his most enjoyable place. Duan Yu answered on the mud in the well. Princess Xi Xia’s maid asked Duan Yu who is his most beloved girl. Duan Yu said Wang Yu Yan. Princess Xi Xia’s maid asked Duan Yu to step back and he doesn’t have to answer the third question. A contestant answered that his most enjoyable moment is to be the prince and he loves the princess the most. Mu Rong Fu greets the princess. Princess Xi Xia’s maid asked Mu Rong Fu where is his most comfortable place. Mu Rong Fu answered the most comfortable place is the future. He has never loved anyone and he only loves his future’s wife. Qiao Feng greets Princess Xi Xia’s maid. Qiao Feng said his most comfortable place is farming with his lover but too bad it is only a dream. Qiao Feng said his most beloved girl has passed away and he has promised to not be with any other girl. Princess Xi Xia’s maid called Xu Zhu. Xu Zhu said his most enjoyable place is in the ice cave. He doesn’t even know the name of his lover. Xu Zhu said he haven’t even seen clearly the face of his lover. Princess Xi Xia invited Xu Zhu to come in.

Xu Zhu walked in the room. Princess Xi Xia asked Xu Zhu to come. Xu Zhu touched Princess Xi Xia’s face. Princess Xi Xia told Xu Zhu they are not dreaming and finally meet each other. Princess Xi Xia’s maid made an announcement that Princess Xi Xia has chosen Xu Zhu and they can take a painting as a gift. Xu Zhu sent Duan Yu a letter that he will stay with Princess Xi Xia for the night and he’s really happy. Mu Rong Fu sadly left. Qiao Feng told Wang Yu Yan that Mu Rong Fu is a schemer but too bad everything is decided by fate. Mu Wan Qing wakes up and told Duan Yu that he and Wang Yu Yan makes a matching couple. Xu Zhu brought the princess and told Duan Yu that she is his dream girl.


Qiao Feng asked Xu Zhu a favor to take care of Ah Zhi for him as he goes back to Mongol. Duan Yu wants to announce to his parents that he’s marrying Wang Yu Yan. Wang Yu Yan asked Mu Rong Fu to tell her mother that she and Duan Yu will come to Dali to greets Duan Yu’s parents then she will come back to see her. Wang Yu Yan feels sorry for Mu Rong Fu for losing everything. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan that failing to ally with the princess troop is Mu Rong Fu’s burden.

Xu Zhu told Duan Yu that he heard that someone is scheming to kidnap his father. Duan Yu and his guard knocked on the door of a deserted house. Duan Yu and Wang Yu Yan read a poem about tea on the painting. Zhong Ling foung another painting behind the door with a missing poem. Duan Yu’s bodyguard found the servant suspicious and checked the food and asked them to be careful. Duan Yu saw a painting with a missing poem in the restaurant. The servant told Duan Yu that there was a scholar who wrote this poem in the painting and whoever can solve it, he will treat them diner. Duan Yu solved the poem and earned a free meal. Duan Yu’s servant checked the food. On the way, Duan Yu continues to fill out the poem on the painting. In the desert house, Duan Yu saw a painting and filled out the poem. Duan Yu’s bodyguard said this mysterious person uses the plan of cat catches mouse and it doesn’t look like a tactic of YatKhing would use. Duan Yu and Wang Yu Yan went to a deserted house and saw a woman who is mute and deaf. Duan Yu’s bodyguard checked the meal. During their sleep, Mu Wan Qing heard a noise.



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