Rural Hero episode 4 recap

A prostitute Fiona wants to drink with Jackie at the bar. Jackie spilled the wine. The ladyboss asked her to give him wine and apologized. Fiona yelled and left. Fiona talk to her gangster boyfriend. Fiona’s husband told her that the ladyboss called to ask her back at the bar. Fiona went on a vacation to visit her mother and saw Jackie. Fiona’s boyfriend brought chocolate hearts for her. Fiona told her father that she film advertisements of soap and chocolate in her advertising firm. Fiona’s mother showed the jade necklace to her friends. Fiona’s father praises Fiona in front of Jessica that she works for an advertising agency. Fiona’s father told his friends that Fiona is the director advertising agency managing the staff.

Roger told his friend that his stepbrother keeps on picking on him and he’s afraid his crime of selling opium will be exploded so he asked him to do a favor to track his good for him. Roger saw Jackie walking by in the woods while holding a flashlight. Roger and his friend escape from the backdoor.

Fiona tried a cigarette in her room while her parents is managing the store. A dog barked at Fiona. Jessina held the dog. A lady came out and scold them for bothering her dog. Jessica told Fiona she envies her for having a good job. Fiona saw Jackie told her father he will meet him tonight at the party. Fiona hopes that Jackie doesn’t expose her job as a prostitute to her father. Fiona visits Jackie and talked to him alone in his office. Jackie told Fiona that whatever she does, he doesn’t care so he won’t tell out.


Fiona teased the lady for losing her dog. Fiona told Jackie she followed the rule and burnt the paper in the right location. The lady asked the cop to find her dog for her. Jackie called his girlfriend Poon and told her about a client who asked him to find her dog. Poon told Jackie she’s working hard to pay for her sister’s college tutition. Jessica and her mother dropped the trash bag and saw some tangerine peels, ramen plastic cup, and a cassette. Jessica listen to the cassette. Jackie took out the cassette and accused Jessica of stealing. Jackie apologized and begged Jessica to give him back the cassette. Jessica visits the restaurant ladyboss and listened to the song. the restaurant ladyboss asked Jessica if she wants her to record her the tape for her. Fiona saw Jackie and thanked him for not exposing her.


Roger’s stepbrother and his friends found the lady’s dog and demanded her to give her the reward money. The lady refused to pay the money. Roger told Jessica and her stepbrother and his friends that suing takes money and their record aren’t in good standard. Roger’s stepbrother pointed a gun at Roger and asked him to return the money to him. Roger’s father yelled at Roger for arguing with his brother. Roger called his friend and said he wants to leave Hongkong. Roger’s friend called Roger to meet at his house. The triad caught Roger’s friend and asked him where is Roger. Some gangster fought with Roger and pointed a gun at him.



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