Colourful Life episode 23 and 24 recap

Florence checked up for pregnancy but the doctor told her she is lacking blood and he will give her pills to regain her health. Florence accidentally broke her medicine. She drank the her maid, the mistress’s bird’s nest. The mistress saw it and smiled. The mistress asked Cutie to drink her bowlof bird’s nest. Cutie drank the bird’s nest in front of Florence. Ellesmere laid down ill. Ellesmere’s mother accidentallly cut her hand. Annie and her maid is surprised to see Ellesmere’s blood and her mother matches each other. Annie and her maid saw the nurse crazily said she gave birth to them. Cutie gave the mistress some cakes. The mistress has a stomach ache. The mistress refused to drink the soup. The doctor yelled at the maid for putting powder in the soup. Louis confronted the maid for putting powder in the soup. The maid trembles and said she saw Florence sneaking in the kitchen. Florence denied of putting powder in the soup. The third Madam searched Florence’s room and found some powder. Louis slapped Florence. Florence denied of putting powder nor placing the figurine. Florence yelled at Louis for blinding falling for the mistress. The third madam wants to bring Florence to the court. Madamme Ching asked the third madam to forgive Florence. The third madamme asked Florence to leave. Florence cried and left.


Louis brought cakes to Myolie. Louis told Myolie that Ellesmere doesn’t match her. Myolie said if they love each other, they shouldn’t care about the status. Myolie told Louis to bring Florence back. The mistress packed his stuff and wants to leave. Louise told the mistress that as long he is here, no one can harm their baby. Florence’s mothers asked Florence to return back to Louis’s family. Madam Ching’s maid came in Florence’s house. Madam Ching’s maid gave the divorce letter to Florence. Louise told Madam Ching that May is getting married to Mark. Frankie visited Louisa and said that he will eventually divorce Annie. Louisa told Frankie that the majesty appointed his wedding with Annie and it will not be easy for them to break up. Cutie and the mistress stole some medicine to sell. Cutie pray at the temple wishing her husband doesn’t have an affair.

Cutie praised the mistress to her husband. Cutie and her husband sat at the food stall and saw Florence as the servant and she nitpicked on her. The third madamme showed her precious vase to the mistress. The mistress accidentally pushed the vase and it broke. The mistress begged Cutie to take the blame. The mistress told Cutie that the third madam won’t blame her. The mistress told Cutie that she said she will blame it on a maid. The third madamme asked Cutie to pay back her vase. The mistress told the third madame she will pay back. The third madamme asked the mistress to not be so kind. Cutie whined to her husband that the mistress accused her. Cutie told Madam Ching’s maid that the mistress stole herbs and sold it to the store owner. The store owner returned the gold to Cutie and said the mistress only brought the herbs from him. The store owner told Cutie he can’t frame the mistress because she came from a poor background. The mistress teased Cutie to keep bowing in front of the Buddha. Cutie whine to her husband that the mistress looks kind from the outside but stab you from the back.


Mark brought some presents to Madam Ching. Frankie drinks in his room. Frankie told Annie he only uses wine to relieve his depression. Frankie watches May wiping the face for Mark. Frankie told Annie he feels happy for May finding a good man. He will focus on his studies. Mark saw May sadly walk and stepping on her handkerchief. May heard some people said that Frankie has been crashed by a horse sedan chair. May ran and tripped. Mark asked May if she has an affair with Frankie. Mark slapped May. Mark apologized to May. May told Mark that though she and Frankie have the same hobbies, they are responsible people. Since she chose him, she will be devoted to him. Mark gave May a hairpin and said he bought her a horse. The elder servant dropped the tea on May. Mark wants to fire the servant but his father spoke up for him. Mark madly asked the servant to fire the elder servant. A master told May that he used to ride on this horse but then he had to get back to the palace but when he came back to buy it, Mark bought it. Mark ordered the servant to break the master’s antique and he hates using second hand materials. Frankie and Annie went fishing and throw wishing papers on the tree. Madam Ching wishes Frankie luck on his scholar exam tomorrow. Annie threw wishing papers on the tree in the rain and fainted on Frankie’s arm.



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