Drama Blogging: Is it worth it or not!

I’ve been thinking about how drama blogging can be good or bad depending on people’s views. Some people would support us and some don’t.

One of my friends did tell me it’s better to blog about sports than asian dramas. My other friend have different perspective that blogging about asian dramas is better since there are too many good sport blogs. One of my friends kinda envy me for having an asian drama blog cause his fine art blog rarely have any hits nor fans. One thought that it’s good to blog about asian dramas cause there’s barely any asian shows on TV. My friend would say “As long as it is not porn, it is okay to blog about asian dramas and anime or entertainment”.

Gotta admit some of my white friends don’t support me liking asian dramas though they like me as a person and think I’m cool while other of my white friends support me and said “It’s the social media and it’s hard to create a blog”. There will be some who will support you and those who don’t. It’s a matter of view.

Do you sometimes think blogging asian dramas isn’t worth the effort. Do you believe your hard working in asian dramas is worthy. I felt it is worthy cause I have recapped my favorite wuxia series and hk dramas and connected with great drama bloggers from around the world.

What are proud of being a drama blogger?


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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