Colourful Life episode 25 and 26 recap

Annie laid in bed and feels like she will die. Annie asked Frankie to bring her ashes to her father’s grave to her father. She regrets not seeing him winning the scholar exam and eat roast pork. Annie ran to the shore and threw Frankie an embroidery of a pig head wishing him luck on the exam. Annie search for her painting of Frankie with a pig head. Annie’s maid returned the painting to Annie. Annie bet with Johnny that Madam Ching’s servant friend wasn’t pregnant. Madam Ching’s servant told Johnny that her friend is pityful. When she was pregnant, her husband left. Her son was death. Annie and her maid doubts that Ellesmere isn’t the son of the bandit and the tattoo was a coincidence.

Annie eavesdrop on Louis and the third Madam’s conversation of bringing Myolie to the palace to be the majesty’s concubine. Annie encourage Annie to runaway with Ellesmere. Annie’s maid pulled Ellesmere Johnny blocked her. Annie’s maid kicked Johnny and left with Ellesmere. Myolie reunites with Ellesmere. Annie asked them to hurry and leave to the canoe. The third Madam received a letter from Myolie that she ran away with Ellesmere. The third Madam and Louis picked on Madam Ching’s maid about her son taking her daughter away. Annie said it was Myolie’s idea of running away with Ellesmere since she wrote the letter. The third Madam worried about the concubine appointment. Madam suggests the third Madam to to say that Myolie is sick and couldn’t attend the concubine contest. Madam Ching told her maid that Ellesmere is a good person and will take care of Myolie.


Mark told Louis that a Russian customer ordered fabrics from them. Louisa and the first brother feels happy for May for finding a good husband. Two men harassed Louisa and beat up the first brother. Louisa’s cousin beat up the men. A businessman told the first brother that he took the fabric business. Mark told Louis that he needs connection but he also nees to have the potential. Mark wants the Ching family’s business to fall.

The man told Louisa that he should have left with him to have happiness. He feels hurt seeing her like this. The man asked Louisa to leave with him. Madam Ching pawn the house to the debt onwer. The servant told Louis that their ink has been spoil. Mark closed down Madam Ching’s business. Madam Ching asked her family to bring down the jewelries to pawn. Madam Ching and her family found their jewelries missing. Madam Ching’s maid told Madam Ching that their account book is missing. Annie doubts that Louis’s mistress put sleeping powder in the soup causing them to faint and stole their jewelries. Madam Ching and her family left the house with their board during the rain.



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