HK-Korean Drama Expression

Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 44 recap

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Ah Zhi wants to kill herself for Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi that even if she dies, she still can’t replace Ah Zhu cause Ah Zhu is the girl he loved the most. Ye luk Hung Kei appointed Qiao Feng as the captain to lead the troops during the war. Qiao Feng begs the Ye Luk Hung Kei to send someone else. Qiao Feng begs Ye Luk Hung Kei to let him leave. Ye Luk Hung Kei madly sent an order to arrest Qiao Feng. The concubine told Ye Luk Hung Kei that Qiao Feng’s martial arts is high and it may be troublesome to arrest him but she has a plan.

The concubine told Ah Zhi that there’s a monk in the temple that gave her two bottle of wine to make people fall in love. She sneakingly poured one bottle for Ye Luk Hung Kei. Ah Zhi asked the concubine to give her the other bottle. Qiao Feng asked Ah Zhi to pack her stuff and leave with him. Ah Zhi gave Qiao Feng the wine bottle. Qiao Feng drinks it. Qiao Feng hid the seal on the top of the board. Qiao Feng and Ah Zhi fought with the soldiers. Qiao Feng ache his stomach and been affected by poison. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng she has hurt him. Qiao Feng pushed Ah Zhi in the stream and told her to alert the Hans that Ye Luk Hung Kei is getting ready to attack the Hans. Qiao Feng got tied up on the chain n the prison. Qiao Feng told his Khitan friend that thousand of lives of Hans and Khitan will be affected. Qiao Feng laughed that Yue Luk Hung Kei wants to conquer the world.


Ah Zhi crawled and encountered two members of the beggar sect. Ah Zhi told the leader that Ye Luk Hung Kei has arrested Qiao Feng. The leader ordered the member to sneak in the palace to investigate the news. Xu Zhu thanked the different sects for willing to save Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng told his friend, if Ye Luk Hung Kei wins or lose, he will kill him eventually. Duan Yu and Xu Zhu and the sect members fought with the soldiers. Duan Yu uses his double laser power on the chain and freed Qiao Feng. Duan Yu’s guards picked up Qiao Feng from the underground. The leader told Qiao Feng he will always his sect leader. A sect member injured came and told Qiao Feng that they’ve been surrounded by the troops. Duan Yu, Xu ZHu, and Qiao Feng fought with the troops and used their powers to blow up the gate. Qiao Feng threw his dragon palm at the soldiers. The sect members returned the stick to Qiao Feng and apologized and plead him to return. Qiao Feng refused to take the post. Qiao Feng fought with the soldiers. Duan Yu, Qiao Feng, and Xu Zhu got surrounded by the troops.



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