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Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 45 recap (Finale)

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The villager arrived with his crew and fought with the soldiers. Qiao Feng went back and helped the villagers fighting with the soldiers. Qiao Feng asked the monk if the Khitan attacked the temple, what would his father do. The monk said he would rebel. Qiao Feng said the Khitan would say he’s white and the Hans is black. If he helps the Hans killing the Khitan, the Khitan would consider him as a rebel. Duan Yu and Xu Zhu and Mu Wang Qiand and Zhong Ling fought with the soldiers. Wang Yu Yan and Princess Xi Xia wait for Duan Yu and Xu Zhu. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan if anything happens he already told Mu Wan Qing to take care of her. Xu Zhu and Princess Xi Xia said even if they die, they won’t be separated. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan to get married here. Duan Yu and Xu Zhu wants to stay to help Qiao Feng. Mu Wan Qing and Zhong Ling refuses to leave.


Duan Yu and his bodyguards threw rocks down the Khitan soldiers. Qiao Feng looked at the rock and thought of his father and Ah Zhu. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi that his mother has died here. His father has jumped down the cliff but luckily he survived. Ah Zhu waited for him here for five days. The monks begged Hans Captain to open the gate for them to come in. The Hans refused since Qiao Feng is a Khitan. The Hans soldiers shot arrows. Qiao Feng shouted at Ye Luk Hung Kei to greet him. Xu Zhu and Duan Yu grabbed Ye Luk Hung Kei. Qiao Feng begs Ye Luk Hung Kei to back out and never attack the Hans or he’ll die with him. Ye Luk Hung Kei held the arrow and vowed not to attack the Hans. The soldiers cheers. Ye Luk Hung Kei accused Qiao Feng of being a rebel and not worthy of being a Khitan. Ye Luk Hung Kei gave an order of killing Qiao Feng if he steps in the Khitan territory. Qiao Feng said he is a disgrace as a Khitan and doesn’t have the face to live. Qiao Feng pushed an arrow to ward his body and died.


Ah Zhi cried and carried Qiao Feng. Yan Tan Z came. Ah Zhi held a knife and asked Yan Tan Z to leave. Ah Zhi poked her eyes and returned the eyes to Yan Tan Z. Ah Zhi jumped down the cliff carrying Qiao Feng. Yan Tan Z jumped down the cliff. Duan Yu drinks with Xu Zhu for the last time before they leave to their country.

While on the way to Dali, Duan Yu and Wang Yu Yan saw Mu Rong Fu acting crazily as a majesty in front of the kids on the rock. Wang Yu Yan’s maid gave the kids some cakes. Duan Yu and Wang Yu Yan think that must be his happiest day being in a dream of being a majesty.


The End!

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