The Hitman Chronicles episode 1 recap

This series starts with the emperor eating deer blood. An assassin fought with Joe and got injured and said he just wanted to move the chandelier away from the emperor. The emperor ordered the assassn for execution for disturbing him. The prince told the priest that the emperor wants to eat humans. The priest support the prince for stealing the throne for the sake of the people. Kent’s master has a duel with another martial artist and died. Kent’s master gave Kent his badge as a token. The prince grieved about Kent’s master’s death. The priest told the prince that the master has a disciple. Kent runs a noodle stall.Kent’s son suggests Ken to do buy one get one free. Some customers left and refused to eat the noodles. Kent’s son tried to eat the noodle and choked. Kent has a duel with a martial artist and won.


The priest ordered a bowl of noodle from Kent and asked him what would be the effect of mixing vinegar with sugar. The priest compliment and ordered a takeout for the prince. The priest suggests the prince to give the majesty a delicious meal for the majesty to distract him. The priest touched Kent’s mother and said she could be his godmother so she doesn’t have to call him a master. The priest told Kent he used to have a brother and mother but they’ve been murdered. Kent wondered why his master transfer his martial arts to him. If he didn’t follow his master to learn martial arts, he would have taken care of his mother and she wouldn’t turn blind. Everytime he sees his mother being blind, it hurts him and he wished he was the one being blind. Kent eavesdrop at Gigi cooking. Kent asked Gigi how did he cook such a delicious noodle. Gigi left. Some people chased Gigi and accused her of stealing their cauldron. Gigi told Kent he is a gentleman. Gigi brought Kent to a house and showed him the cauldron on the hay. The people accused Gigi of stealing their cauldron. Kent gave Gigi some money to leave. Gigi stood in front of Kent’s house. The priest brought Kent to see his mother. Kent’s mother can see again. The priest asked Kent to assassinate the majesty. Kent agrees but he must take care of his mother first. Derek fought with some guards. An assassin helped Derek. The priest found a badge which said he wouldn’t mind dying for his savior.



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