The Hitman Chronicles episode 2 recap

Kent greets the prince. The priest told the prince he feels great when he sees he has helped Kent’s mother eyes got well. The priest told the prince they need a soldier who doesn’t show their emotion. A martial artist fought with Derek and asked him to die from failure. Derek was about to kill himself but Kent saved him. Kent has a duel with the martial artist. Gigi measured Kent’s foot and sewed the shoes for him. Kent accused Gigi of stealing his jade. Kent snatched the shoes. Kent’s son returned the jade to Kent and said he replaced the broken string. Kent searched Gigi in the sea. Gigi told Kent her fate is bad. Gigi saw Kent holding a knife and a dog and chopped the lettuce. Gigi accused Kent of chopping the dog. Kent said he brought the dog in the kitchen to cook for him. Kent’s son played ball with the little prince. The ball got stuck on the tree. Kent’s son climbed on the tree. The little prince climbed up. Kent’s son fell. A man pointed a sword at the prince and said he’s a spy and asked him to give out the little prince. Kent suggests to the priest using his son as a replacement for the little prince.


Kent bowed in front of his mother and said she can’t sew shirts for his son anymore since he will replace him with the little prince. Kent’s mother cried and hugged her grandson. Kent’s mother massage her grandson. Kent’s son asked his grandmother to wait till he finish his studies then he’ll sew hear a warm jacket. Kent told his son that the priest has helped them and it’s time for them to repay him back. Kent’s son cried and hugged his father. The priest exchanged the prince with Kent’s son. Kent hopes his son accomplish something big and misses his son.

During the fire, Gigi screamed to not kill her. The doctor told Kent that Gigi may have amnesia. Kent asked the priest to heal Gigi. The customers ate Gigi’s noodle and found it so good. Gigi watches the fish being burnt. Gigi told Kent that she wanted to cook a golden fish. Gigi chopped the ice and got attacked by the assassin. Kent fought with the assassin. Gigi drowned in the water.



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