The Hitman Chronicles episode 3 recap

Kent saved Gigi from the assassin and took off her dirty bloody clothes. Kent asked Gigi if she remembers her past. Gigi showed Kent how to cook soup with ice. Gigi asked Kent to try her fish dish. Gigi tasted her dish and found it hard to eat. The priest bowed in front of the prince about Kent is the soldier that they need. The priest told the prince that Kent would help him but he has to take care of his mother. The prince visited Kent. The prince gave gingseng and nutrients to Kent’s mother. Kent’s mother told Kent that this is a good opportunity for him to work for the prince. Kent’s mother asked Kent to marry Gigi. Kent asked Gigi if she likes him cooking noodle and if she is willing to be his wife.


A cauldron rolled over. Gigi hid. A man grabbed Gigi and claimed he is her fiance. The fiance gave her a fan and asked her if she remembers he has proposed to her by the hill. The fiance told Kent that he and Gigi was prepared to get married but an incident happened causing both families to get killed. The doctor told Kent that Gigi has amnesia. The priest told Kent that when Gigi regains her memory, she may choose to be with him. Gigi massaged Kent’s mother and said she rather not remember anything since she doesn’t want to leave Kent and her. Gigi cried and told Kent she doesn’t want her illness to be healed because she doesn’t want to leave him. Kent told Gigi she has to be healed so she would know her identity. The fiance told Kent he plans to leave with Gigi when she regains her memory.

Gigi has regained her memory. Gigi asked the priest to help her choose her husband. Kent told Gigi he owns a breadstore and never thought of getting married. He wishes them happiness. Gigi bids farewell to Kent and showed him the fish dish she made. Kent tasted the dish and found it good. Gigi left with her fiance.


Kent upset hit the drum. The priest asked Kent if he has asked Gigi how did she cooked the fish. Gigi cooked wine for her fiance. THe fiance asked Gigi to hand out the object to him since it caused their family to break up. Gigi told her fiance she will give it to them after they get married. Gigi dressed up and saw her fiance eavesdropping. Gigi’s fiance asked Gigi to give the object on her back to him. Gigi’s fiance told Gigi that the object belongs to him and whoever steal his object have to die. Gigi found out that her fiance murdered her whole family. Gigi’s fiance chased Gigi. Gigi threw out the grain on the floor and pushed her fiance down the tower. The prince brought some fruits to Kent. Gigi told Kent that her fiance murdered her fiance and only wants her object. Kent told her mother that the prince asked him to kill the majesty.



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