The Hitman Chronicles episode 4 recap

Joe complained to his father that the majesty always let the prince lead the war. The prince got attacked by Joe and some assassins. Some soldiers took the stab for him. The priest told the prince that he investigated that Joe is the one who sent those assassins. The priest suggests the prince to use Joe to lead the war and die. The prince fainted. Joe requested the majesty to let him lead the war.

Kent’s mother asked Kent to wait for her outside of her room. Kent waits for his mother and went in the room and saw her mother hanging herself. Kent read a letter from his mother to not let her be his burden and help the prince conquer the world. Kent released the birds from the cage. Gigi overheard the priest’s conversation with Kent to kill the general. Gigi told Kent she won’t let him have the object to sacrifice himself to kill the majesty. Kent rather die if he can’t help the prince. Gigi told Kent he will give him the object. Gigi told Kent if he accomplish his mission, she would like to bear a son for him. Gigi took off her clothes revealing to Kent the object from her back.


The priest showed Kent his swords. Kent picked up a blue sword. Kent planned to cook a fish soup for the majesty and hiding the knife in the meal. The prince and the other princes brought the gifts for the majesty. The captain checked the ice fish meal. Kent performed his cooking in front of the majesty. While slicing the fish, Kent inserted a knife in the fish. The prince pretends to cough and pleads for permission to leave. While Kent mixes the food, the majesty craved for the fish, Kent took out the sword and pushed in the majesty’s belly. Kent fought with the troops. The soldiers pushed a sword in Kent’s body. Kent thought of his son and Gigi and fought with the captain and the soldier. The captain pushed the sword in Kent and he died. Gigi sewed the clothes for Kent and takes care of her baby in her belly. The futur majesty which is the prince gave a high rank to Gigi’s baby and gave him a sword as a token. Gigi placed the knife in front Kent’s grave and leave while carrying their son.



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