Rural Hero episode 6 recap

Jessica’s brother told his family that Roger did drugs and went to jail. Jessica’s father yelled at Roger. Roger yelled at his father for having affairs with other women. Jessica’s brother said Roger should look in the mirror if he wants to be the big brother. Jessica chased Roger by the harbor and said she believes in him. Roger’s friend told Jessica that Roger’s been framed. Roger told Jessica that he too many jobs including selling juices. He followed a gangster because he thought he would be safe. But one time he saw him pickpocket other people’s wallet and kill other people. He left and became a guard in the casino but the gangster keep following him. He placed two bag of cigars in his pocket and the police caught him. He was sentenced to jail for three years. Jessica told Roger she often see her father mumbled in front of her mother’s table. Roger’s brother’s friends asked Roger’s brother if they will get a discount on drugs since Roger used to be a triad. A female villager overheard Roger’s brother conversation to his friend and told Jackie’s brother and his family that Roger was a prisoner.

Roger and his friend wakes up. Roger greets the villagers and the trembled and left. The villagers reminds Roger’s mother to be careful of Roger. Jessica’s father saw the villagers gossiped about Roger robbing the bank. Jessica’s father scold the villagers. Roger’s father yelled at Roger for causing him to lose faces. Roger’s friend consoled Roger and said his father is so old fashioned. Jessica told Roger if his father mind he went to jail, he would have already kicked him out. Jessica’s mother told her husband that it was also their fault for not taking care of Roger.


Jackie told his colleagues that Roger already been punished. He has a feeling that Roger isn’t that kinda of person. They are police and can’t have grudges. Jackie’s friend took Poon to the market on behalf of Jackie. Poon’s sister go harassed by some loan sharks. Jackie’s friend grabbed the gangster and they left. Jackie’s friend cooked for Poon and her sister. Fiona’s friend’s boyfriend yelled at Fiona for eating free in his house. Fiona’s friend slapped Fiona thinking that he seduced her boyfriend. Fiona sat next to Jessica and looked in the mirror and hid from Jessica. Jackie caught Fiona. Fiona returned home and told her parents that she’s been hired by a company in New York and other overseas. Jessica and Roger ate oranges. Jessica’s father asked Roger to come and eat Engine soup. At the store, Jessica questioned Fiona of disguising as a male by the harbor. Jessica confronted the villagers from buying illegal goods with a cheaper price. Jessica took Jackie to the harbor. The seller tripped in the sea. Jackie caught him and got sick. Jessica gave some medicine for Jackie. Jackie’s boss yelled at Jackie for taking action on his own. Jackie’s boss said the seller sued him for pushing him on the sea. Jessica spoke up for Jackie to his boss.


The ladyboss gave Jackie a bowl of medicine. Jackie’s granny gave Jackie a bowl of medicine. Jackie asked his granny about his mother. Jackie’s granny heard the ladyboss talking to a customer and found her voice familiar. Jessica asked Fiona some questions about her homework. Fiona has no idea and asked her to find a bigger dictionary. Fiona asked Jessica to try it alone. Fiona asked her sister she will test her by telling Jessica how to pronounce this word. Jackie told the ladyboss that the bowl of the medicine she gave him was the same one his granny gave. Poon’s sister told Poon that she found a job at a journalist firm. Poon’s sister yelled at Poon since she applied to a journalist firm which write gossips about others. Poon’s sister got mad and left.



How to meet multiculural people?

I thought it was interesting to see how we can hang out with people of different diversities. Here are some tips to meet some diverse people and embrace their culture.

1. Asian/Indian/Greek and other cultural restaurants and supermarkets. It would be cool to try different food from different culture.

2. Join the Asian Film Festival or International Film Festivals and enjoy watching the international movies.

3. Work at an airline. Flight Attendants get to travel and meet many international customers. Yeah it was cool my Vietnamese cousin from Vietnam married a half White/Viet by meeting him the first time at the airport.

4. Join the multicultural club or Asian Club in your school.

5. Shop at the asian gift stores.

6. Be an asian studies major or go learn chinese at a chinese school.

The Hitman Chronicles episode 17 recap

Louis drank the medicine faking death. Astrid’s friend begged Felix to spare her life. Astrid came and told Felix she has accomplished her mission. The sect members threw Louis’s body. Astrid and her friend search for Louis’s body. Astrid found Louis and cried while hugging Louis. Louis wakes up. Felix reminds Astrid that a good assassin won’t be affected by love. Astrid’s friend told Astrid that Felix doesn’t care about her and almost killed her. She doesn’t trust anyone in the sect but Astrid. Louis wants to continue investigating who killed the majesty. Felix brought Astrid to his master. The master rewarded Astrid. Astrid pretends to trip and placed a bag of powder in the sedan chair. Louis showed Astrid the powder under the sedan chair will shine during the night. Astrid and Louis spied on the sect leader’s assistant meeting with the captain and his son. The captain requested the sect leader’s assistant for the keys. Louis and Astrid doubt if the captain is the murderer.


The king wanted to appoint the princess as the queen. The princess told the king he needs to appoint a goddess as the queen.The captain greets the majesty and told him that the sect refused to return the keys. The majesty said the sect knows too much and he ordered the captain to use any way to ask them to return the keys. Flashbacks of the king of Yan pointed a knife and anxiously accused the prince of wanting to steal his throne. The fortune teller told him to beware of the person near him. The prince killed the king.

Louis brought Astrid home and introduced to his godfather. Louis asked his godfather to help him sneak in the palace. Louis’s godfather asked Astrid to hide in the chest. Louis didn’t see Astrid in the box.Louis’s godfather opened the box and Astrid got out. Louis’s godfather brought the box in the palace. Louis got out of the box. Louis sneaks in the princess’s room and hopes she could investigate the captain.


The king visits the princess. The captain greets the king and said the sect leader’s assistant is waiting. The sect leader’s assistant blackmailed the majesty to put the blame of murderer on Louis. Louis held the sword and pulled out the bricks. The majesty ordered the guards to come. Louis fought with the guards and pointed a sword at the princess and escaped. The captain told the majesty that Louis’s godfather brought Louis in the palace. The captain arrived with the guards and arrested Louis’s father. Louis told Astrid that the prince killed the majesty to steal the throne. Astrid gave the princess a kite to throw if she needs help. Louis and Astrid returned home and saw some blood spilled on the floor. Astrid told Louis that the majesty may have used his foster father as a bait. Louis’s foster father told the captain, if he keeps him he won’t have good consequences in the cellar. The majesty told the princess he will behead the prisoner tomorrow. The princess begged the majesty not too. The majesty can tell the princess fell for Louis. The majesty won’t let Louis have her. The majesty tried to rape the princess. The captain came. The princess begged the captain to save her. The majesty madly strike a sword at the captain. The majesty told the princess to stop crying or he’ll kill her too. The sect leader plans to use Louis to kill the majesty. The sect leader said he has raised Louis and knows his motive.


Being bilingual and minority can be a good thing

You know how some of you complained about being a minority is a disadvantage in America. I sometimes think being a minority can be a good thing.

It made me feels great translating from english to vietnamese to my grandma to the staff at Ranch99 Market. I feel great when I helped my grandma and a bunch of Vietnamese airport filing out documents from Vietnamese to english and translatating from english to Vietnamese to the flight attendant to the my grandma. Being billingual can be a good thing you know.

I often help my family emailing stuff and translating from vietnamese to english and the staff from english to vietnamese.

I got to use my Vietnamese billingual to recap wuxia and asian dramas from Vietnamese dubbed to english.

How do you feel about being billingual. How helpful it is?

Teaching-Asian Student tears cry

This is a personal touchy post about my personal experience and career changes.

This struck me when I left student teaching and a chinese female student hugged me and cried so hard. Some asian students can relate to me cause I’m asian. Some of you have asked me if I have regretted leaving teaching during my last semester of university. I can’t really answer it myself. I let fate decide it for me. My love for digital media has let me to pursue graphic design despite the intense competition.

Oh Heisui, you made me think a lot about if it was a good idea I left student teaching. For one reason, the tears cry moment of an asian student crying so much seeing me leaving and can relate to me left me a warm impression. Should there be more asian teachers and should I have stuck with pursuing a career in teaching? I don’t think I could have dealt with the politics and management.

I kinda am happy with my career change in graphic design. For once,

It is in the tech industry, and you can do it worldwide and doing business with other asian countries. You can freelance or run your own design business. You get to be creative and always learning. I grew up with paintshop pros and origami and video games. I like math, geometry, art, and design. It does feels nice seeing many asians going into the tech and design field.

All I have to say is go with the flow, keep working hard and you will go far in life.

The Hitman Chronicles episode 16 recap

The two sect members followed Astrid to the canoe. Astrid meets with Louis and the villagers. The elder man looked at Astrid strangely. Louis wants to live a peaceful life with Astrid on this island after they investigated the murder of the majesty. Astrid put down Louis on the bed. Astrid said she will kill herself after she takes his head and exchanged it for her friend’s life. Astrid took out her knife but someone came and she got out for a while. Louis wakes up. Astrid served tea for Louis. Astrid worries about her friend since they have know each other since childhood. Though she likes Louis but she doesn’t know anything about him. Astrid told Louis that his friend will be executed tomorrow. Louis went alone to save his friend.


The princess begged the prince whom is currently the king, to spare Louis’s friend. The prince received a letter from a medicine who accused him of rebel. Louis looked at the flyer of his friend and saw his friend’s head being hanged. Louis bury his friend. Louis saw a Kite signal and stopped a member from killing an elder man and ordered him to find the other messenger for him. The sect member dies. Louis found a diary in the sect member’s body. The elder man is an Anti Yan. Louis asked the elder man to bring him to his majesty. The majesty said he did not ordered someone to assassinate the emperor of Yan. Louis doubts it is a trap to send him to assassinate the majesty of Yan.

A kid eavesdrops on Astrid taking a bath. The elder man looked at Astrid’s painting. Louis asked his master to investigate who murdered the majesty. The master reminds Louis that Astrid is a spy beside him. Astrid caught the boy eavesdrop on her. The elder man said he wanted to see why her face lookalike the girl in this painting. Astrid fought with the elder man. Louis eavesdropped at Astrid picking up the message from the kite. Louis said he was too late. Astrid said it’s better to not know about it rather than knowing it and feeling hurt. Louis plans to leave tomorrow to investigate the murder of the emperor of Yan. Louis told Astrid he won’t forget her and she’ll always be in his heart.


Astrid took out knife and about to pushed it on Louis. Louis pushed it out and asked Astrid if she wants to kill him. Astrid said she can’t go against Felix’s order or her friend will die. Astrid told Louis their identity has caused them to land on this situation. Louis asked Astrid if he isn’t as good as her friend. Louis fought with Astrid and her arm revealed a red flower birthmark. The elder man asked them to stop. The elder man told Astrid she’s been blinded by the sect. He used to be one of the sect’s four managers. He used to be betrayed by one of the members. The sect only wants credit. The elder man told Astrid he won’t lie to her since he is her father. The elder man said the female in the painting is her mother. The waterlilies on her arm is the same as in the painting. The elder man hugged Astrid. Louis told Astrid he used to be loyal to the sect but after the majesty has died, he realized they are fake. Astrid is willing to stay with Louis in the village. Louis plans to sneak in the sect and saved her friend. She can used his death to save her friend.


The Hitman Chronicles episode 15 recap

The princess visited Louis in the cellar. Louis told the princess he’s an assassin. He didn’t murder the majesty. Before he tries to assassinate him, the majesty was already dead. Louis told the princess though she is the princess, she is very kind and he doesn’t have any grudge on her. He truly loves Astrid. The princess asked Louis if gets executed he won’t be able to see Astrid again. If he tells her who is the person who ordered, then she can plead the prince to spare him. Louis asked the princess to help him escape out of prison to investigate. The princess teared up and apologized that she can’t. Felix and the sect worried Louis will tell them out and plan to kill him. The prince tortured Louis. The sect fought with the prince. The prince fought with Felix and escaped. Louis told his master when he arrived, the majesty was already dead. Louis’s master gave asked him to kill himself. Louis refused to be killed innocently. Louis fought with his master and left. Louis told his godfather he has offended someone in the palace.


A female sect member told Astrid that Louis restaurant has been closed. Felix sent an important mission to Astrid. Louis saw a flyer stating the majesty has a serious illness. Louis pointed a sword at Astrid’s friend and asked her if she’s the person who sent him a message. Astrid’s friend said she doesn’t know who has sent him a message, and that person’s name has been removed from the book list. Astrid read a message to kill the assassin. Astrid held her bow and arrow. Astrid punched two servants. Louis blow off the candle and checked the window. Astrid pointed the bow and arrow down the roof and saw Louis and left. Louis flew up and picked the bow and arrow. Astrid returned home and sighed why is Louis the assassin.


Louis bids farewell to his godfather and persist to investigate who has framed him. Louis came and hugged Astrid. Louis promised Astrid he will come back even when he has one last breath. Astrid gave Louis a stamp with her name on it. Felix pushed Astrid. The sect fought with Louis. Astrid and her friend got locked in the dungeon. An elder man and his student found Louis’s body on the sea. The elder man introduced Louis to the villagers. The elder man told Louis that they are people from the previous dynasty. The elder man told Louis he used to have a girl he used to love. Louis gave a letter to the elder man to send it to Astrid. Astrid plead Felix to let her get near Louis to kill him. Felix used Astrid’s friend as a bait, if she can’t accomplish her task in half a year, he will kill her friend. Astrid told her friend that she has no choice but to assassinate Louis.



Hey Arnold! Matching Dates!

You know how in Hey Arnodl!, Arnold is a perfect character with a poor family background. But his personality can matches almost every of the female characters except Helga.

Arnold and Rhonda have the nice looks and fashion.

Arnold Big Patti have this sophisticated personality.

Arnold and Phoebe are booksmart.

Arnold and Lila are both perfect.

Arnold and Helga have this dynamic personality and matches chemistry wise.

If you Hey Arnold fans pick a date for Hey Arnold! Who would you pick?

Love as a Predatory Affair episode 8 recap

King Kong told Samantha her body smells of wine. Samantha praised Jason’s uncle’s is very good at cooking and has a personal kitchen. Kitty asked Samantha to be careful if Jason’s uncle ever finds out she doesn’t know how to cook. Jason’s uncle called Samantha to schedule a meeting meeting with her at eight in the evening to meet him. Kitty told Samantha that she has researched Jason’s uncle that he usually date young girls and has an eight years old son. Samantha dined with Jason’s uncle. Jason’s uncle saw Jason eating with Kitty. Jason’s uncle greets Kitty and welcomed her as Jason’s new girlfriend. In the bathroom, Kitty doubts she should leave and worried Jason will see Samantha. Jason’s uncle introduced Samantha as his new video chef.

Kitty called Samantha. Samantha pretends calling her mom sitting besides Jason’s uncle. Jason’s uncle told Samantha if he was her mother, he would also worried about her pretty daughter. Samantha left the car and got mad that Jason’s uncle is trying to take advantage of her. Samantha stands up alone in the rain. Jason picked her up. Samantha told Jason that even if he invited her as his MC she will also work for him. Jason told Samantha tat she is pretty and even the rain will not turn her ugly. King Kong called Samantha. Samantha turned off her phone and smiled. Jason asked Samantha if she is interested to do a cooking show for him. Samantha got out the car and it is raining.


Samantha called Kitty to pick her up. King Kong went on the bus and it took him more than one our to reach Samantha. King Kong held the umbrella for Samantha. Samantha tripped and took off her high heel. The thunderstorm struck. King Kong tripped. Samantha took the umbrella and left. Samantha complimented Jason to Kitty. Samantha sighed about the twelve new dishes she has to cook for Jason. Samantha hugged Kitty and asked her to cook for her. King Kong sneezed from the cold. King Kong said it is a man’s job to protect his girl. Kitty asked King Kong if he’s afraid people will mock of a lowly man wanting to court an elegant girl.


The chefs complained to Jason about he similar menu. Jason called Kitty about the new food menu. The customer complained about Samantha giving him an eel instead of a fish and with a price for two hundred and fifty instead of two hundred dollars. Samantha’s mother asked Samantha about his new target. Samantha received a call from Jason’s uncle and turned off his phone. Samantha replied to Jason’s call. Samantha told Kitty’s brother that Jason’s uncle and Jason both wants her to be their cooking representative. Kitty’s brother picks Jason’s uncle while King Kong picks Jason. Stephanie hit Kitty’s brother for picking on Jason’s restaurant which is where she works. Jason gave Samantha her new food menu. Samantha showed it to Jason and took the credit. Jason gave Samantha a fee of five hundred thousand dollars.

Kitty’s brother complained that the sum of money Jason gave is too small and Jason’s uncle used to offer her one million. Samantha thanked Kitty for helping her. Kitty’s brother told Stephanie he chose Jason’s company though he gave him a lower fee, because he values hobby over money. Jason came in and want to watch Samantha’s cooking show. Samantha dropped the shrimp in the pan and it burnt. Jason came and hugged Samantha. Samantha told Jason that he disturbed her by looking at her.