The Hitman Chronicle episode 5 recap

This series starts with the blind Liu Kai Chi played the harp for Emperor Yingzheng and threw a block of wood at him. He is wiling to sacrifice his life for Elvis.

Five years ago in 1528, a man wanted to fight with Elvis. Elvi’s servant used his knife and chopped the man’s shirt. The man told Elvis to chop a wanted man’s head for one million gold reward. Elvis asked a lady to ask permission of a madamme to make him a sword. The madamme threws a sword at Elvis. Elvis returned the sword to the Madame. Madam threw arrows at Elvis to prove her weapons isn’t useless. A man in the black suit eavesdrop on Elvis’s conversation. Elvis threws a brick at the man. The man in the black suit which is Yingzheng’s servant told his sister the Madamme that Elvis consider her as his rival. Four assassins fought with the wanted man. The wanted man asked the four assassins how would they share his head. Elvis killed the four assassins with one move. Elvis saved the wanted man. The wanted man asked Elvis why didn’t he kill him. Elvis told the wanted man he can’t choose his fate. Elvis told the wanted man that he isn’t a normal man since Yingzheng wanted to take his box. The wanted man told Elvis he can take his box for merit and he is willing to die under a hero like him. Elvis told the wanted man he will think of a safe plan before he chop his head.


Liu Kai Chi said it is easy for Elvis to chop off the wanted man’s head for a reward. The wanted man has the same goal as Elvis of rebelling against Yingzheng. The only person who is willing to rebel against Yingzheng is the prince of Da Yan. The official promised the majesty he will guard the entrance of the royal prince and will kill the wanted man before he enters the room. The official wore a black suit and chopped the sedan chair and fought with Elvis’s servant. Elvis fought with an assassin. Some guards helped Elvis and gave Elvis a badge and said the royal prince wanted him to bring the wanted man to him. The official pointed a sword at the wanted man and said he’s been fooled. Elvis fought with the guards and said if they are the royal prince’s guards, how come they don’t dress royally. The wanted man which is the captain greets the royal prince of Yan.


Yingzheng’s servant feels guilty of his sister everything about Elvis’s move since he trusts him. Madamme wanted to use her sword against Elvis. Liu Kai Chi suggests Elvis to leave since he offended the official. Elvis fought with a martial artist. Elvis broke the martial artist’s sword. The martial artist greets Madamme. Madamme ordered the martial artist to keep trying to defeat Elvis. The martial artist wrote a letter he left to his hometown to practice martial arts. The king of Yan ordered the official to find the wanted man. Madamme dressed up and played the flute by the lake. Elvis asked Madamme if he knows where’s Madamme’s sowrd. The official fought with Elvis. The official pushed the sword at Madamme and she screams.



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