The Hitman Chronicle episode 6 recap

Elvis pushed out the sword and hugged Madamme. Elvis fought with the official and left while carrying Madamme. Elvis carried Madamme and to Madamme’s house looking for Madamme. The maid carried Madame in and walked out. She told Elivs that Madamme refused to treat her since she doesn’t know her. The maid told Elvis to bow in front of Madamme if he wants her to save her and stab himself with her sword. Madamme asked Elvis why is he willing to sacrifice his life for her. Elvis thanked Madamme for saving his friend’s life. Elvis told Madamme that there was a woodcutter who accidentally bumped into a doctor. The doctor wanted to hit him. The woodcutter asked the doctor to kick him instead because if he gets punched by the doctor he will die. Madamme laughed at the joke. Elvis gave Madamme a wood as a gift. Madamme gave Elvis a new shirt. Elvis said his parents have died and no one have ever sewed him a new shirt. Madamme said she was raised by her mother until when she was sixteen years old. She left her. Madamme fainted and said she’s worrying that she won’t see him again so she sewed him a shirt. Elvis told Madamme he wans to protect her. Madamme asked Elvis he must have fell for his friend. Madamme told Elvis that all men are bad and he will dump his friend after he wins her heart. If he will hurt her, then she will kill her. Elvis told Madamme if he wants to kill her, then kill him first. Elvis searched for his friend. Madamme told Elvis that she has hidden his friend to a place nowhere to be found. Madamme gave Elvis a poison wine and asked him to drink it if he wants to save his friend. Elvis pointed the sword at Madamme and asked her to hand out his friend. Madamme said she doesn’t mind to die. Madamme said his friend have drank her poisonous drink. Elvis drank the bowl of wine and asked Madamme to remember to give the antidote to her friend. Elvis requested Madamme to let him see his friend for the last time. Madamme took off her veil and she is his friend. Madamme said her mother is a great fighter but unfortunately married the wrong man and her father left her. She vowed she will never marry anyone unless someone is willing to die for her. Madamme held the sword and said it took her five years to pull out this sword.


The secretary of Yan visits Elvis. The secretary asked Elvis about his thought of the world. Elvis told the secretary that the emperor will conquer three lands. Elvis gave a suggestion to eleminate the majesty. The official barged in the house and fought with Elvis. The secretary told the official if he wants to kill Elvis then kill her first. Elvis wants to go with the official to the palace. The official pointed a sword at the secretary and asked Elvis to drop the sword. The secretary pointed a sword at himself and wants to kill. The royal prince arrived and stop him. The royal prince told the majesty that Elvis is well loved by the people. The secretary has a high rank and is well respected by the people. The royal prince told his father that he can use Elvis to have the secretary by his side. Flashbacks of Yingzheng locked the royal prince of Yan afraid he will spread rumors about him being an illegitimate son. The secretary suggests the royal prince to send someone as a spy to kill Yinzheng. Elvis can do it. The secretary killed himself and told Elvis that the royal prince told him not tell out about the rebel which means he doesn’t trust him so he has to use his dead to prove it. The secretary told Elvis that it now depends on him to save the country. Elvis recites a poem. Madame hopes Elvis to stand up for himself so the secretary will feel relieved.



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