Happy 4 Year Anniversary HKOREANDRAMAISLAND!

Wow! It’s been 4 years already. I’m surprised I’ve been drama blogging this long. I initially wanted to focus on blogging about KDRAMAS and HKDramas but then I started to expand to Wuxia Series as wuxia fans started to check my blog for wuxia. But at least I enjoy recapping Wuxia Series. This semester has been hectic but at least I’m doing well in all of my classes. Sometimes I do watch asian dramas to ease my stress or to have hope in life when too much is going on. I’ve noticed there’s a few new drama bloggers but many have been too busy or left the blogging world.

I’m currently recapping Hitman Chronicles. It’s a wuxia series I’ve never gotten a chance to watch and there’s Noel Leung and Louis Koo in it. There are many wuxia series out there but I’m just going with the flow and taking my time to blog and not pressure myself. Pressure just make it worst. Despite I already knew SPCNET, A Virtual Voyage, and Wuxia Rocks for wuxia bloggers last year. This year I got to know BedRock Games and the popular Wuxia novel translater Issthblade. Heck all the wuxia bloggers I know are very knowledgeable about wuxia. I’m just a fan who watches wuxia, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at it. You should look around at your current blogging friends and see who have left and how has the blogging world has changed.

It’s been an amazing year of drama blogging but real life takes over but I will still blog from time to time. I’m glad I’ve been blogging this long and running my blog alone. I’m happy to announced it is not my time to shut down this blog.

❤ Jac.


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