The Hitman Chronicles episode 8 recap

Elvis drink and drink missing Madamme. Elvis told Liu Kai Chi that he would risk his life to save him. Elvis and Liu Kai Chi stared at the stars. Elvis told the Madamme that they will never part each other even if they are further from each other. Elvis and the Royal Prince discusses the war strategies to defeat YingZheng. The captain held a sword and asked Elvis to kill him for YingZheng to trust him. Elvis refused. The captain killed himself. Elvis brought the head of the captain to the royal prince. Madamme returned and fainted on Elvis. Madamme gave a sword she made for Elvis. Madamme told Elvis she never knew what love is until she misses him. Elvis told Madamme he will never let her leave him again. Madamme leaned on Elvis’s arm. The royal prince ordered the general to assist Elvis in assassinating YingZheng. Elvis and the general practice the script of the assassination. YingZheng sighed to Madamme that the general is impulsive and lack the calmness of a person who does big things. Liu Kai Chi drinks with Elvis and bid farewell and recited a poem about living and death. Elvis asked Madamme to promise him after if leaves, please don’t think of him. Madamme asked Elvis to promise her after he leaves, plead don’t think of her. Madamme requested to sleep with Elvis for the night. Madamme played the flute for the last time. Madamme dressed up for Elvis and killed herself. Madamme told Elvis he must do what he has to do.


Liu Kai Chi played a song on the sea. The official sang a song bidding farewell to Elvis and he general. Elvis and the general brought boxes of gifts to YingZheng. Elvis brought the head of the captain to YingZheng. Ying Zheng laughed. The general trembles and dropped the box. Elvis told YingZheng that his assistant is new and it is the first time meeting him so he trembles. Elvis carried the second box from the general and claimed it is a map. YingZheng looked at the map. Elvis pointed to YingZheng a good land on the map. While YingZheng stared at the map, Elvis pulled out the knife and tried to kill YingZheng. Elvis’ sword got pushed on the pole. Elvis ran to pulled out the sword but YingZheng used his sword and chopped Elvis’s legs. Elvis crawled trying to kill YingZheng. The general trembled and got killed by the soldiers. YingZheng stabbed Elvis. Elvis thought of Madame. Liu Kai Chi grieved about Elvis’s death. The swordman came and grieved he was too late.

Five years later, Liu Kai Chi told YingZheng he came her to kill him. Liu Kai Chi laughed and told YingZheng there are many great heroes that can kill him. YingZheng told Liu Kai Chi if he tells him that Elvis deserves to be death, then he will spare his life. Liu Kai Chi said he is willing to die for Elvis. Liu Kai Chi said if Elvis was naive, then many people wouldn’t have sacrificed for him while many people despite YingZheng. Liu Kai Chi told Elvis he can fool everyone but he can’ fool himself. Ying Zheng ordered Liu Kai Chi for execution. Ying Zheng visited Elvis’s grave and said though he has the love of the people but he doesn’t have the world.



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