The Hitman Chronicles episode 9 recap

Set in the Qing’s dynasty, two kids got kidnapped. The butcher ordered the servant to chop the big kid’s legs and the little kid’s hands. The two kids untied themselves and hit the servant with the ropes and pushed the butcher with their heads. They stole some buns. Eighteen years later, the two guys and their friend fought with some kidnappers and stole their treasures. The second guy sold the jewelries to a lady. The guys looked at the ladies being bid. The boss beat up the last lady since no one is willing to buy her. The first guy bought the lady for ten thousand taels seeing her being beat up. The first guy opened the bag and surprised to see a pretty lady Angie. The first asked the pretty lady to leave. The two guys asked the third guy why did he let the pretty lady go or if his standard is too high. The third guy said he let her go because he doesn’t want the pretty lady to suffer with him being a bandit. The first guy gave the pretty lady a bag of money. The pretty came back and asked them about their names. The pretty lady said her father is a business owner. One time, a jerk took her father’s land and killed him and sold her to the slave. This jerk is a relative of the official. She begs them to find this jerk to return the land to her father. The first guy came with the pretty lady and fought with the jerk and demanded him for her father’s ashes. The pretty lady thanked the first guy and is willing to be his servant for lifetime to repay her debt.


The pretty lady cooked some good food to the three guys. The two guys told the third guy he should marry the pretty lady. The pretty lady brought a harp home and fixed it. The pretty lady looked at the poem and told the three guys that this poem is by a famous scholar. The three guys gave the poem to the lady since they don’t understand nor can appreciate it. The lady pretended to be injured and told the first guy that the businessmen recognized their good from them. The first guy told the lady they need those goods as wedding present for the first guy and the pretty lady. The guard gave the lady’s brother a mission and blackmailed him of doing something bad. The lady’s brother told the third guy that someone paid him to kidnap a scholar. The third guy fought with KK. The second guy stole his baggage. KK asked the third guy who ordered him to kidnap him since he doesn’t seem like a bad person. The two guys saw a seal and some money.

The first guy dressed up for his wedding. KK went to their house. The two guys told the first guy that KK is their new friend. KK asked the first guy why did he choose to be a thief. KK asked the first guy to return his baggage. KK fought with the guys. KK pointed a sword at the guy and demanded the guys to return him his baggage. KK said money is a small thing but his seal is in the bag. He is the new scholar winner. The three guys returned the bag to KK. KK asked the guy why did they choose to be thieves with their potential martial arts. The guys said they were born in a poor background. KK requested to give them a rank when he accepts the official post. The house fell down. The bodyguard surrounded them with guards and took KK and his servant to the court. The lady’s brother begged the official to spare his sister’s life. The official accused the three guys of being kidnappers and should be punished. The official forced KK to sign a document admitting he collaborated with the thieves. The guards used instrument on KK’s servant’s hands. The official told KK he doesn’t KK to be the official since he has caused his father to be executed and will be a threat for him in the future. The official told KK he won’t have a chance to revenge for his father since he is about to be beheaded.



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