The Hitman Chronicles episode 10 recap

The third brother punched the lady’s brother for betraying them. The lady’s brother said it was under the official’s order. The third guy got caught trying to rescue the first brother from the dungeon. KK told them that the official was afraid he will revenge him when he becomes and official. The third brother pretends to feel ill and knocked the guard. KK called the guards that his guard buddy has fainted ill. The third brother stole the key and dressed up as guard. On the way out, a bodyguard recognized their disguise and fought with them. The third guy and the first brother and KK fought with the guards and escaped to the woods. KK plans to come to alert the big official. KK suggests the first and third brother to find a stable job rather than being a thief.

KK visits the big official. The big official’s guards fought with KK. KK asked the big official about his bribery with the other official. KK pointed a sword at the big official and left. KK fought with the bandits in the wood and ordered them to let him meet their leader. The third brother teased the lady of marrying him now. The three brothers fought with the guards. The three brothers ran in a sect’s warehouse. KK told the sect leader that he can’t kill them since it will tarnish his name. KK said that if he kills them, others will laugh that he’s scared the punish will punish him for keeping criminals so he kills them. KK told the brothers he knows he can never take up his official post so he hopes to use the sect leader to get rid of the officials. It’s better to work for the sect leader than wandering around as thieves.


A senior member tried to rape the pretty lady. The first brother fought with the post leader. The senior member told the sect leader that KK is the new official and he recognizes the three brothers as the thieves who have robbed their ship. The three brothers and KK fought with the guard. The lady told the three brothers that her brother heard that the sect leader ordered them to rob the money so they can be arrested by the official. The official have bribed the sect leader. The three brothers accused the sect leader for betraying them for taking official’s money. The senior member grabbed the pretty lady. The three brothers killed the sect leader. The three brothers sworn to be brothers with KK. KK becomes the sect leader.

The first brother gave the pretty lady a hairpin and wants to party with the brothers at the brothel. The pretty lady plays the harp. KK chat with the pretty lady about the song. KK told the pretty lady it’s normal for men to party. The pretty lady told KK she doesn’t mind if men party but today is her birthday. The pretty asked KK why isn’t he married yet. KK said he worked hard hoping to be a good official. Now his only hope is to use the power of the sect hoping to break up the official bribery and return to be an official. KK played a song for the pretty lady for her birthday. The lady drank with the third brother at the brothel and madly left. The third brother and the lady fought with the guards. The lady fainted. The guard pointed a sword at the third brother.



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