The Hitman Chronicles episode 11 recap

The lady asked the third brother in the prison if she die would he miss her. The third brother told the lady he only has her in his heart. The third brother gave the lady a hairpin as a love token. The lady wakes up and told the third brother she has to live to follow him. KK saw a guard using his gun and shot the sect member. KK greets the guard. KK deals with the guards to give him some goods and release the third brother. KK played the instrument. The pretty lady asked KK if he’s sighing about the other sect controlling the goods and he won’t have a chance to be an official.

The sect member ordered KK to kidnap a person. KK and the three brothers fought with the official’s guards at the restaurant. KK heard the guards called the official. KK saved the official. The official sees KK as a professional speaker and he asked him why did become a bandit. KK told the official he is the scholar winner. KK said he was framed by the other officials and was forced to become a bandit.


The first and third brothers fought with KK and looked after him. The pretty lady rubbed medicine on KK. The brothers told KK that the sect leader despite the official so they ordered them to kidnap the official. KK drinks with the pretty lady to thank her. The first brother drank for KK. The three brothers congratulates KK of taking his post as an official. KK promised the bandit that as long he’s here, they won’t have to be bandits. The official said the executives have sentenced KK collaborated with the bandits. The third brother said the person who sent him money to kidnap KK can prove the innocent for KK by admitting he took bribe from the official. The official said that person won’t be naive to surrender. KK madly practice martial arts and chopped the seal.

The third brother asked the lady if he’s good to her. The third brother went out to surrender. The other official got sentenced to prison. The third brother got sentenced to be banished for seven years. The lady asked the third brother if he thought about her feeling. She doesn’t want to see him again. The pretty lady told KK that the first brother and she will leave and it will be sometime until they will see each other again. The second brother told KK that the first brother drank about the third brother being banished, and he went missing. KK and the pretty lady searched for the first brother. The pretty lady tripped down the hill. KK tried to pick her up and fell on her. The two brothers and the lady bids farewell to KK. The first brother drinks. The pretty lady misses KK. Five years later, KK got promoted. KK visits the two brothers.




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