Book and Sword 2002 episode 1 recap

This series is set in the Manchu Dynasty. The leader of the Red Flower Society Yu Wan Ting and his member Man Tai Loi left for a mission. Man Tai Loi left a farewell letter to his girlfriend. The Red Flower Society sect fought with the palace guards. Man Tai Loi pushed down a gigantic lantern on the guards. Yu Wan Tin and Man Tai Loi sneak in the majesty’s court. Flashbacks of Qianlong being swapped with a daughter. Yu Wan Ting gave a letter to Qianlong. In the letter, it stated Qianlong is a Han. Yu Wan Ting asked Qianlong if it is unfillial for him to torture the Han. He hopes he change his tactic. Qianlong visits his nurse in the cellar and asked her about his background. Man Tai Loi wonder why does Qian Long respect Yu Man Ting. Man Tan Loi and Yu Man Ting fought with an assassin. Yu Man Ting got injured by a knife. Yu Man Ting forbids Man Tan Loi to tell this assassination out. Yu Man Ting made an announcement he plans to retire from being the sect leader and give the post to his godson Chan Ka Lok. Yu Man Ting passed away.

The Empress Dowager asked Qianlong to look at the nurse who has been murdered. Qianlong admits he ordered someone to kill the nurse. The Empress Dowager said she wanted to sentenced death to the nurse but he keeps on begging her to spare her. In the past, there’s a goat who wears a wolf mask. No one can put themselves in his shoes of being a wolf. The Empress said she longed to bear a son for Yongzheng so she brought him in the palace. As long as he brings peacefulness to the Manchu he will still remain as the emperor.


Chan Ka Lok wrote a calligraphy and held a bat. Chan Ka Lok’s little brother’s monkey ate the bat’s food and Chan Ka Lok’s master confronted the monkey. A man fought with Chan Ka Lok’s master about flirting with his wife. A lady master fought with both of them. Chan Ka Lok painted a lady’s picture while they fight and recited a poem. The lady master looked at her self portrait. The lady master, Chan Ka Lok’s master and the man drink with each other.

Fok Ching Tung horse race with other male villagers. Fok Ching Tung becomes the leader of the tribe. Chan Ka Lok stacked up the minerals and told his brother a story of a young beautiful lady in the tribe who met and fell in love with a general. The two promised each other they will meet each other again after the war. After they won the war, she haven’t seen the general again. She didn’t believe ih the rumor that the general has died. She prayed at the temple for the general to return. One time the general returned, and the lady’s tear turned into minerals. So there was a myth if they stack up minerals and pray, they will meet their fated lover. Fok Ching Tung held up the box and thanked god to let her be the leader of the tribe.



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