The Hitman Chronicles episode 12 recap

KK told the three brothers that there’s been politics in the palace nitpicking on the big official. KK told the three brothers he has nominated them to work for the official. The pretty lady greets KK. KK teased the first brother if he’s getting married he wouldn’t bring a woman home or he’ll make fun of her being old. The three brothers helped KK fighting against the other sect. KK got promoted. The lady saw the first brother flirted and kisses the ladies. The first brother forced the prety lady to drink to apologize for disturbing him. The lady refuses. The first brother slapped the pretty lady. The pretty lady cried and hugged KK. The pretty lady slept with KK.

The third brother returned back to his hometown and greets the lady’s brother at the shore. The lady’s brother told the third brother that the lady has gotten married to someone else. The third brother asked the lady why did he treated him like this and who’s the groom. The lady told the third brother the groom is him. She’s been waiting for him for seven years. The first brother drinks with the ladies at the brothel. The third brother wants to speak with the first brother alone.


The official reminds KK to take good care of his post. There are politics in the palace and many officials want to kick him out and beware of the people under him. He shouldn’t put the three brohters by his side since they used to be bandits. The big official told KK that those bandits doesn’t have the talent to do big task.

The pretty lady doubt how long she can stay with KK. KK gave the pretty lady a jade as a gift. KK gives the third brother a welcome hug. KK got mad that the first brother left his post to party at the brothel with his third brother. KK yelled at the first brother for not getting materials from the soldiers. The first brother said they can delay bringing materials. Brothers are more important than work. The first brother asked KK to cut his post if he thinks he’s wrong. KK told the pretty lady that it is a disadvantage to keep the first brother working for him but he can’t fire the first brother since they will part. The pretty lady returned the jade to KK worrying that someday their affair will be exposed. KK told the pretty lady he feels very frustrated not being able to meet his lover. The second brother saw KK hugging the pretty lady. The second brother fought with KK and said he will tell the first brother about his affair. KK killed the second brother.


The pretty lady has a nightmare of the second brother haunting him. The pretty lady suggests the first brother to quit his job and they will leave and live a peaceful life. KK suggests the third brother to be an official. The third brother rejects and said he doesn’t have the quality of an official. The first brother quit his job and told KK he will leave with the pretty lady. KK apologized to the first brother. The lady wonders where’s the second brother. The first brother assumed the second brother got drunk and forgot his way home. The guard brought the body of the second brother. The first brother picked up a jade in the second brother’s body. The lady told the third brother that she suspects that the death of the second brother is related to the pretty lady. She saw the pretty lady holding that jade and claimed that it was given by the first brother. The martial arts of KK is stronger than the first brother. She has a feeling that the relationship between KK and the pretty lady isn’t normal. The third brother won’t believe it. The brother said it may be similar jade. KK forced a guard to admit the crime.



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