The Hitman Chronicle episode 13 recap

KK asked the scapegoat guard why did he kill the second brother. The guard said the brothers mistakenly killed his brother so he revenged. for him. His brother greeds his jade. The first brother killed the guard. KK bids farewell to the first brother and the pretty lady. The lady asked the first brother that the jade he gave to the pretty lady must be very charming. The first brother said he has never gave the pretty lady a jade. The lady asked the first brother if he has noticed the pretty lady has dressed more elegant and he should noticed her more. The first brother tried to have sex with the pretty lady but hte pretty lady pushed him. The first brother slapped the pretty lady and called her cheap. The first brother drinks and asked the guard if he felt the pretty lady is strange. She always makes excuse to avoid him. The official told KK that the first brother slapped the pretty lady suspecting she has an affair. The official KK that he’s worried that the first brother will cause him troubles.

KK vistis the pretty lady. The first brother came in the room. KK jumped out of the window. KK came. The first brother told KK that the pretty has an affair with someone. KK asked the pretty lady if it was a misunderstanding. The pretty lady said she was sitting alone and suddenly the the first brother came. KK the first brother he has to have evidence. KK put an order of forbidding the pretty lady to get out without the order of the first brother The pretty lady asked KK to break up and not see each other again.


The guard told the third brother that KK and the pretty lady have been really close. The third brother found the first brother and told him that KK ordered him to take the supplies to kill him. Some guards caught a hunter. The first brother greets the official and asked for supplies. The official ordered the guard to arrest the first brother and accused him of being a mole. The guards shot arrows at the first brother. The third brother fought with the guards. Kk pushed a sword in the first brother. The first brother died. The lady begged the third brother to not go and snaked in KK’s court. The lady wants the third brother to stay with her until she gives birth to their son. The lady ache her belly. The third brother left. The empress dowager gave KK a french clock. The third brother sent a picture to kill KK tomorrow. The third brother fought with the guard. The third brother rode the horse and pushed the knife in KK’s body. Kk returned home and embraces his son and told him to remember when he grows up, she should not betray his brother. The third brother surrenders and told the crime of KK to the official.


The pretty lady visits KK. The pretty lady told the third brother that maybe he thinks she is a slut. She and the first brother belongs to two different world. He always go out and drink with the prostitute making her feel lonely. KK is educated and they have the same hobbies. If only she has met KK earlier then she wouldn’t be in this state. She made a lot of mistakes for the first brother but she didn’t regret since she is happy being with KK. She would like the third brother to forgive KK and her. The third brother nodded his head. The pretty lady jumped down the gate during the execution day of the third brother. KK pushed the knife and killed the third brother.



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