The Hitman Chronicles episode 14 recap

In 1755, the emperor of Yan won the battle. Louis killed a captain and stole and object. The joked that Louis was the thief last night. Astrid sent the message from the assassin to her master that he has accomplished his task. The master ordered Astrid to steal the treasure key from a soldier. Astrid, the beautiful girl in the brothel greets Louis. Astrid showed Louis her painting for appreciation. Astrid drinks with the magistrate and spilled on him and took off her shirt for him. She noticed the magistrate’s keys. Astrid teaches the magistrate to paint the bamboo. Astrid stole the keys. The magistrate tried to rape Astrid. Louis barged in the room. The magistrate ordered the guard to arrest Louis for beating him. The princess pointed a sword at the magistrate. The magistrate released Louis.


Astrid wiped the face for Louis. Louis told Astrid his job is to dress up for females, he can dress up for her if she doesn’t mind. If she wants to thank him, they can meet at the brothel tomorrow and drink. Astrid sent the key to Louis on the river. Louis wet the handkerchief and read the message. Louis fought with the guards and opened the cave of treasure. Astrid drew a painting for Louis and noticed some dirt under his shoes. Louis served teas for Astrid. Louis told Astrid she can reject him but he won’t give up. Louis wants to befriend Astrid.

The emperor of Yan got angry that the treasures is lost and ordered to execute the official. Louis’s godfather showed Louis his new machine he created. Louis’s foster feel relieved about Louis finished his school in three years and has a business. Louis reminds his foster father to be careful when speaking and performing in front of the majesty tomorrow. Louis’s godfather performed in front of the majesty and fell down from the chair and said when he appointed the consort, he may not be able to keep her. The majesty plans to arrange the marriage between the princess to a prince of another country. The princess refuses. The majesty slapped the majesty. The princess wants to play ball with Louis.Louis sent a letter to Astrid to hang out. The princess got mad seeing Louis hanging out with Astrid and forgot their meeting of playing ball. The princess pointed a sword at Astrid. Astrid is willing to take the stab for Louis. The princess upset and left. Astrid drew for Louis. Astrid worries one day she will leave him.


The majesty pushed the bowl of soup and killed the soldier. The majesty told the prince that he heard that someone wants to poison him. He will postpone the princess wedding and stay in the palace for three days. Louis entered the majesty’s room and found him dead. The prince brought the soldiers in the room and arrested Louis. The prince held a sword and wanted to kill Louis and ordered the guard to lock Louis in the dungeon. The princess refused to believe the majesty was killed by Louis. The princess begged the prince to let her see Louis.



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