Love as a Predatory Affair episode 8 recap

King Kong told Samantha her body smells of wine. Samantha praised Jason’s uncle’s is very good at cooking and has a personal kitchen. Kitty asked Samantha to be careful if Jason’s uncle ever finds out she doesn’t know how to cook. Jason’s uncle called Samantha to schedule a meeting meeting with her at eight in the evening to meet him. Kitty told Samantha that she has researched Jason’s uncle that he usually date young girls and has an eight years old son. Samantha dined with Jason’s uncle. Jason’s uncle saw Jason eating with Kitty. Jason’s uncle greets Kitty and welcomed her as Jason’s new girlfriend. In the bathroom, Kitty doubts she should leave and worried Jason will see Samantha. Jason’s uncle introduced Samantha as his new video chef.

Kitty called Samantha. Samantha pretends calling her mom sitting besides Jason’s uncle. Jason’s uncle told Samantha if he was her mother, he would also worried about her pretty daughter. Samantha left the car and got mad that Jason’s uncle is trying to take advantage of her. Samantha stands up alone in the rain. Jason picked her up. Samantha told Jason that even if he invited her as his MC she will also work for him. Jason told Samantha tat she is pretty and even the rain will not turn her ugly. King Kong called Samantha. Samantha turned off her phone and smiled. Jason asked Samantha if she is interested to do a cooking show for him. Samantha got out the car and it is raining.


Samantha called Kitty to pick her up. King Kong went on the bus and it took him more than one our to reach Samantha. King Kong held the umbrella for Samantha. Samantha tripped and took off her high heel. The thunderstorm struck. King Kong tripped. Samantha took the umbrella and left. Samantha complimented Jason to Kitty. Samantha sighed about the twelve new dishes she has to cook for Jason. Samantha hugged Kitty and asked her to cook for her. King Kong sneezed from the cold. King Kong said it is a man’s job to protect his girl. Kitty asked King Kong if he’s afraid people will mock of a lowly man wanting to court an elegant girl.


The chefs complained to Jason about he similar menu. Jason called Kitty about the new food menu. The customer complained about Samantha giving him an eel instead of a fish and with a price for two hundred and fifty instead of two hundred dollars. Samantha’s mother asked Samantha about his new target. Samantha received a call from Jason’s uncle and turned off his phone. Samantha replied to Jason’s call. Samantha told Kitty’s brother that Jason’s uncle and Jason both wants her to be their cooking representative. Kitty’s brother picks Jason’s uncle while King Kong picks Jason. Stephanie hit Kitty’s brother for picking on Jason’s restaurant which is where she works. Jason gave Samantha her new food menu. Samantha showed it to Jason and took the credit. Jason gave Samantha a fee of five hundred thousand dollars.

Kitty’s brother complained that the sum of money Jason gave is too small and Jason’s uncle used to offer her one million. Samantha thanked Kitty for helping her. Kitty’s brother told Stephanie he chose Jason’s company though he gave him a lower fee, because he values hobby over money. Jason came in and want to watch Samantha’s cooking show. Samantha dropped the shrimp in the pan and it burnt. Jason came and hugged Samantha. Samantha told Jason that he disturbed her by looking at her.



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