The Hitman Chronicles episode 15 recap

The princess visited Louis in the cellar. Louis told the princess he’s an assassin. He didn’t murder the majesty. Before he tries to assassinate him, the majesty was already dead. Louis told the princess though she is the princess, she is very kind and he doesn’t have any grudge on her. He truly loves Astrid. The princess asked Louis if gets executed he won’t be able to see Astrid again. If he tells her who is the person who ordered, then she can plead the prince to spare him. Louis asked the princess to help him escape out of prison to investigate. The princess teared up and apologized that she can’t. Felix and the sect worried Louis will tell them out and plan to kill him. The prince tortured Louis. The sect fought with the prince. The prince fought with Felix and escaped. Louis told his master when he arrived, the majesty was already dead. Louis’s master gave asked him to kill himself. Louis refused to be killed innocently. Louis fought with his master and left. Louis told his godfather he has offended someone in the palace.


A female sect member told Astrid that Louis restaurant has been closed. Felix sent an important mission to Astrid. Louis saw a flyer stating the majesty has a serious illness. Louis pointed a sword at Astrid’s friend and asked her if she’s the person who sent him a message. Astrid’s friend said she doesn’t know who has sent him a message, and that person’s name has been removed from the book list. Astrid read a message to kill the assassin. Astrid held her bow and arrow. Astrid punched two servants. Louis blow off the candle and checked the window. Astrid pointed the bow and arrow down the roof and saw Louis and left. Louis flew up and picked the bow and arrow. Astrid returned home and sighed why is Louis the assassin.


Louis bids farewell to his godfather and persist to investigate who has framed him. Louis came and hugged Astrid. Louis promised Astrid he will come back even when he has one last breath. Astrid gave Louis a stamp with her name on it. Felix pushed Astrid. The sect fought with Louis. Astrid and her friend got locked in the dungeon. An elder man and his student found Louis’s body on the sea. The elder man introduced Louis to the villagers. The elder man told Louis that they are people from the previous dynasty. The elder man told Louis he used to have a girl he used to love. Louis gave a letter to the elder man to send it to Astrid. Astrid plead Felix to let her get near Louis to kill him. Felix used Astrid’s friend as a bait, if she can’t accomplish her task in half a year, he will kill her friend. Astrid told her friend that she has no choice but to assassinate Louis.




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