The Hitman Chronicles episode 16 recap

The two sect members followed Astrid to the canoe. Astrid meets with Louis and the villagers. The elder man looked at Astrid strangely. Louis wants to live a peaceful life with Astrid on this island after they investigated the murder of the majesty. Astrid put down Louis on the bed. Astrid said she will kill herself after she takes his head and exchanged it for her friend’s life. Astrid took out her knife but someone came and she got out for a while. Louis wakes up. Astrid served tea for Louis. Astrid worries about her friend since they have know each other since childhood. Though she likes Louis but she doesn’t know anything about him. Astrid told Louis that his friend will be executed tomorrow. Louis went alone to save his friend.


The princess begged the prince whom is currently the king, to spare Louis’s friend. The prince received a letter from a medicine who accused him of rebel. Louis looked at the flyer of his friend and saw his friend’s head being hanged. Louis bury his friend. Louis saw a Kite signal and stopped a member from killing an elder man and ordered him to find the other messenger for him. The sect member dies. Louis found a diary in the sect member’s body. The elder man is an Anti Yan. Louis asked the elder man to bring him to his majesty. The majesty said he did not ordered someone to assassinate the emperor of Yan. Louis doubts it is a trap to send him to assassinate the majesty of Yan.

A kid eavesdrops on Astrid taking a bath. The elder man looked at Astrid’s painting. Louis asked his master to investigate who murdered the majesty. The master reminds Louis that Astrid is a spy beside him. Astrid caught the boy eavesdrop on her. The elder man said he wanted to see why her face lookalike the girl in this painting. Astrid fought with the elder man. Louis eavesdropped at Astrid picking up the message from the kite. Louis said he was too late. Astrid said it’s better to not know about it rather than knowing it and feeling hurt. Louis plans to leave tomorrow to investigate the murder of the emperor of Yan. Louis told Astrid he won’t forget her and she’ll always be in his heart.


Astrid took out knife and about to pushed it on Louis. Louis pushed it out and asked Astrid if she wants to kill him. Astrid said she can’t go against Felix’s order or her friend will die. Astrid told Louis their identity has caused them to land on this situation. Louis asked Astrid if he isn’t as good as her friend. Louis fought with Astrid and her arm revealed a red flower birthmark. The elder man asked them to stop. The elder man told Astrid she’s been blinded by the sect. He used to be one of the sect’s four managers. He used to be betrayed by one of the members. The sect only wants credit. The elder man told Astrid he won’t lie to her since he is her father. The elder man said the female in the painting is her mother. The waterlilies on her arm is the same as in the painting. The elder man hugged Astrid. Louis told Astrid he used to be loyal to the sect but after the majesty has died, he realized they are fake. Astrid is willing to stay with Louis in the village. Louis plans to sneak in the sect and saved her friend. She can used his death to save her friend.


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