Teaching-Asian Student tears cry

This is a personal touchy post about my personal experience and career changes.

This struck me when I left student teaching and a chinese female student hugged me and cried so hard. Some asian students can relate to me cause I’m asian. Some of you have asked me if I have regretted leaving teaching during my last semester of university. I can’t really answer it myself. I let fate decide it for me. My love for digital media has let me to pursue graphic design despite the intense competition.

Oh Heisui, you made me think a lot about if it was a good idea I left student teaching. For one reason, the tears cry moment of an asian student crying so much seeing me leaving and can relate to me left me a warm impression. Should there be more asian teachers and should I have stuck with pursuing a career in teaching? I don’t think I could have dealt with the politics and management.

I kinda am happy with my career change in graphic design. For once,

It is in the tech industry, and you can do it worldwide and doing business with other asian countries. You can freelance or run your own design business. You get to be creative and always learning. I grew up with paintshop pros and origami and video games. I like math, geometry, art, and design. It does feels nice seeing many asians going into the tech and design field.

All I have to say is go with the flow, keep working hard and you will go far in life.


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