The Hitman Chronicles episode 17 recap

Louis drank the medicine faking death. Astrid’s friend begged Felix to spare her life. Astrid came and told Felix she has accomplished her mission. The sect members threw Louis’s body. Astrid and her friend search for Louis’s body. Astrid found Louis and cried while hugging Louis. Louis wakes up. Felix reminds Astrid that a good assassin won’t be affected by love. Astrid’s friend told Astrid that Felix doesn’t care about her and almost killed her. She doesn’t trust anyone in the sect but Astrid. Louis wants to continue investigating who killed the majesty. Felix brought Astrid to his master. The master rewarded Astrid. Astrid pretends to trip and placed a bag of powder in the sedan chair. Louis showed Astrid the powder under the sedan chair will shine during the night. Astrid and Louis spied on the sect leader’s assistant meeting with the captain and his son. The captain requested the sect leader’s assistant for the keys. Louis and Astrid doubt if the captain is the murderer.


The king wanted to appoint the princess as the queen. The princess told the king he needs to appoint a goddess as the queen.The captain greets the majesty and told him that the sect refused to return the keys. The majesty said the sect knows too much and he ordered the captain to use any way to ask them to return the keys. Flashbacks of the king of Yan pointed a knife and anxiously accused the prince of wanting to steal his throne. The fortune teller told him to beware of the person near him. The prince killed the king.

Louis brought Astrid home and introduced to his godfather. Louis asked his godfather to help him sneak in the palace. Louis’s godfather asked Astrid to hide in the chest. Louis didn’t see Astrid in the box.Louis’s godfather opened the box and Astrid got out. Louis’s godfather brought the box in the palace. Louis got out of the box. Louis sneaks in the princess’s room and hopes she could investigate the captain.


The king visits the princess. The captain greets the king and said the sect leader’s assistant is waiting. The sect leader’s assistant blackmailed the majesty to put the blame of murderer on Louis. Louis held the sword and pulled out the bricks. The majesty ordered the guards to come. Louis fought with the guards and pointed a sword at the princess and escaped. The captain told the majesty that Louis’s godfather brought Louis in the palace. The captain arrived with the guards and arrested Louis’s father. Louis told Astrid that the prince killed the majesty to steal the throne. Astrid gave the princess a kite to throw if she needs help. Louis and Astrid returned home and saw some blood spilled on the floor. Astrid told Louis that the majesty may have used his foster father as a bait. Louis’s foster father told the captain, if he keeps him he won’t have good consequences in the cellar. The majesty told the princess he will behead the prisoner tomorrow. The princess begged the majesty not too. The majesty can tell the princess fell for Louis. The majesty won’t let Louis have her. The majesty tried to rape the princess. The captain came. The princess begged the captain to save her. The majesty madly strike a sword at the captain. The majesty told the princess to stop crying or he’ll kill her too. The sect leader plans to use Louis to kill the majesty. The sect leader said he has raised Louis and knows his motive.


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