Rural Hero episode 6 recap

Jessica’s brother told his family that Roger did drugs and went to jail. Jessica’s father yelled at Roger. Roger yelled at his father for having affairs with other women. Jessica’s brother said Roger should look in the mirror if he wants to be the big brother. Jessica chased Roger by the harbor and said she believes in him. Roger’s friend told Jessica that Roger’s been framed. Roger told Jessica that he too many jobs including selling juices. He followed a gangster because he thought he would be safe. But one time he saw him pickpocket other people’s wallet and kill other people. He left and became a guard in the casino but the gangster keep following him. He placed two bag of cigars in his pocket and the police caught him. He was sentenced to jail for three years. Jessica told Roger she often see her father mumbled in front of her mother’s table. Roger’s brother’s friends asked Roger’s brother if they will get a discount on drugs since Roger used to be a triad. A female villager overheard Roger’s brother conversation to his friend and told Jackie’s brother and his family that Roger was a prisoner.

Roger and his friend wakes up. Roger greets the villagers and the trembled and left. The villagers reminds Roger’s mother to be careful of Roger. Jessica’s father saw the villagers gossiped about Roger robbing the bank. Jessica’s father scold the villagers. Roger’s father yelled at Roger for causing him to lose faces. Roger’s friend consoled Roger and said his father is so old fashioned. Jessica told Roger if his father mind he went to jail, he would have already kicked him out. Jessica’s mother told her husband that it was also their fault for not taking care of Roger.


Jackie told his colleagues that Roger already been punished. He has a feeling that Roger isn’t that kinda of person. They are police and can’t have grudges. Jackie’s friend took Poon to the market on behalf of Jackie. Poon’s sister go harassed by some loan sharks. Jackie’s friend grabbed the gangster and they left. Jackie’s friend cooked for Poon and her sister. Fiona’s friend’s boyfriend yelled at Fiona for eating free in his house. Fiona’s friend slapped Fiona thinking that he seduced her boyfriend. Fiona sat next to Jessica and looked in the mirror and hid from Jessica. Jackie caught Fiona. Fiona returned home and told her parents that she’s been hired by a company in New York and other overseas. Jessica and Roger ate oranges. Jessica’s father asked Roger to come and eat Engine soup. At the store, Jessica questioned Fiona of disguising as a male by the harbor. Jessica confronted the villagers from buying illegal goods with a cheaper price. Jessica took Jackie to the harbor. The seller tripped in the sea. Jackie caught him and got sick. Jessica gave some medicine for Jackie. Jackie’s boss yelled at Jackie for taking action on his own. Jackie’s boss said the seller sued him for pushing him on the sea. Jessica spoke up for Jackie to his boss.


The ladyboss gave Jackie a bowl of medicine. Jackie’s granny gave Jackie a bowl of medicine. Jackie asked his granny about his mother. Jackie’s granny heard the ladyboss talking to a customer and found her voice familiar. Jessica asked Fiona some questions about her homework. Fiona has no idea and asked her to find a bigger dictionary. Fiona asked Jessica to try it alone. Fiona asked her sister she will test her by telling Jessica how to pronounce this word. Jackie told the ladyboss that the bowl of the medicine she gave him was the same one his granny gave. Poon’s sister told Poon that she found a job at a journalist firm. Poon’s sister yelled at Poon since she applied to a journalist firm which write gossips about others. Poon’s sister got mad and left.




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