The Emperor and I episode 5 recap

An assassin barged in a women’s house and sent a letter for ransom of five thousand taels to the magistrate. The magistrate begged Madamme’s brother to save him. A lady dressed up and called Marco’s father. Flashback of Madam’s brother’s wife whined that Marco’s father chose her sister whom is Marco’s mother but not her. The lady told Marco’s father she is married to a bandit and gave birth to a daughter whom is 18 years old. Marco’s father saw Marco and hid under the table claiming he dropped a chopsticks. Madam’s brother’s wife also went under the table. The lady asked Marco’s father to meet her tonight. Marco and his mother eavesdrop on Madam’s brother’s wife and Marco’s father. Madam’s brother’s wife asked Marco’s father why did he chose Marco’s mother. Marco’s father said he was married to Marco’s mother. Marco’s father said he was drunk. The lady asked Marco’s father if he could choose again, who would he choose. Madam’s brother fought with Marco’s father.


Marco watches Maria played the violin to the students.Marco went in the bathroom and rubbed Joe’s sister’s back and thought it was Joe. The wives gave the magistrate a chest of gold to save their husband. The beauty singer and her brother who is the Prince of the Ming Dynasty pray in front of their father’s tablet. Madam’s brother brought the gold in exchange to the wive’s husband. Under the chests are rocks. Madamme’s brother’s men fought with the Anti-Qing. The beauty lady saved her brother.

The beauty singer’s servant told Qianlong that the beauty singer is not in a good today and can’t serve him. Qianlong’s eunuch fought with the beauty singer’s maid and accidentally touched her breast. The beauty singer’s maid slapped Qianlong’s eunuch. The beauty singer told Eddy she doesn’t like making friends with a rich man who just hang around. Qianlong drinks and sighed about the beauty singer called him a playful prince. Qianlong wants to prove that he is a gentleman.


The magistrate nominates Patrick, the nephew of a magistrate to get rid of the rebel. The French priest teaches Marco and the students playing soccer. Maria cheers up Marco to try hard. The goalie hurt his leg. Marco asked Maria to join his team. Joe’s sister brought food for Marco. Joe’s master asked Maria if there’s any position for her. Joe’s sister begged Maria to not go for Marco. Joe’s sister said she is not as pretty and educated as her.

Maria’s father (Madamme’s brother) came and picked up the ball. Marco and Qianlong fought with Maria’s father and punched him. Marco knocked the elder man to test him if he will fight back but he didn’t.

Marco’s father gave Marco’s mother a new lipsticks and promised her he will not see Maria’s mother anymore. Marco’s mother asked Marco to be nice to Joe’s sister and they are meant to be with each other. Marco told Qianlong he has a feeling that the elder intentionally didn’t avoid his punch. A sect member told the elder man that fifteen years ago he has killed two of his members. Marco and Qianlong sneaks behind the tree and watch the elder man fighting with the two sect members. The two sect members punched the elder man. Marco threw the bottle of wine for the elder man. The elder man drinks and fight with the two sect members and punches them.



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