The Hitman Chronicles episode 18 recap

Louis told Astrid that the prince killed the king of Yan and his godfather and put the blame on him. The prince wanted to nominate the princess as the queen. The princess took out a knife and tried to stab the prince. The prince slapped the princess she will lock her in the room day by day until she gets old in the forbidden kingdom. Astrid read a message from the princess’s kite to kill the prince. The princess went hunting with the prince. The princess told the prince she feels lonely while he’s busy working so she flew the kite for her pleasure. Louis fought with the princess. The princess sacrificed her life for Louis. The princess told Louis she’s been raped by the prince an don’t want to live and wants to accomplish his dream of killing the prince. Louis’s godfather supported the captain of stealing the throne. Louis feels it a pity that his godfather isn’t here with him. The elder man granted Astrid and Louis’s marriage.


Louis’s godfather got promoted being the captain. A man dropped rice backs in front of Louis’s godfather’s sedan chair. Louis walked by his godfather’s sedan chair. Felix and his sect spied on the elder man. Louis’s godfather that the elder man will eventually reveal his identity to Louis. Felix ordered the sect to kill the elder man. Louis fought with the sect. Astrid’s friend died. The elder man got injured and fought with the sect and died. Louis and Astrid escaped. Louis’s godfather got mad at Louis’s master for letting Louis escape. Louis’s god father ordered the sect to kidnap Louis and Astrid and steal their badges. Louis’s godfather pointed a sword at Astrid and asked him where’s Louis. Louis’s pointed a sword at his master. Louis told his master he can spare his life but he lead him to the mastermind. Louis let go of the sword and asked his master to leave. Louis’s master pushed his sword in his stomach and told Louis that if he can’t kill him, he can’t live. Louis’s master told Louis that the mastermind is his godfather whom is also the captain.

The majesty buried the prince. The majesty plans to make the funeral look nice from the outside but they don’t have to put much effort in it. Louis plans to attack his godfather tomorrow to revenge for his crew. Louis knocked down Astrid. Louis fought with his godfather and closed the door of the funeral. Louis told his godfather that once this door is closed, they can’t get out. Louis told his godfather he has raised him to be an assassin to be his slave. Louis’s godfather told Louis that he has never expected the person who takes up the mission to kill the majesty of Yan was him. Louis’s godfather told Louis he has sent Astrid on the mission to kill him cause he knows that she wouldn’t kill him. Louis told his godfather he sent Astrid to kill him to leave a clue so he can assassinate the prince. Louis’s godfather said he didn’t want to kill him but he was with the elder man and the elder man knows too much about him.


The majesty’s son suggests him to let Louis’s godfather died with Louis in the grave since he is full of himself. Astrid knocked on the door. Astrid overheard the conversation of the majesty’s son saying they can come in the grave if they dig under the grave. While Louis fights with his godfather inside the room, Astrid worked hard to dig. Louis and his godfather both got injured. Astrid crawled and knocked on the wall and called out Louis. Louis threw the dagger toward his godfather surrounding his neck. Astrid pushed out the brick and asked Louis to hang on and they have to live peaceful. Louis crawled toward Astrid. Astrid held Louis up. Lpuis told Astrid he feels relieved to die beside her. Perhaps death is a good path for him. He remembers he told her as long as he dies in a bright moment, he doesn’t feels regret. Fireworks played. Louis made an analogy of fireworks is short but it blow off some pretty fireworks even in such a short moment. Though their moment of love was short, it was a deep one. He feels satisfied after revenge. Before he dies he could stay by her which is his brightest moment. Tonight’s firework is so bright. Louis dies in Astrid’s arm.



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