Rural Hero episode 7 recap

Poon complained about her sister accepting the journalist job in another firm. Jackie supports Poon’s sister. Poon’s sister left a voicemail she will be out with her friends for BBQ and won’t come home. Poon called Jackie’s friend that she wanted her sister to study in Australia instead of working as a journalist. Poon’s sister ate with Jackie’s friend and asked him to support her first interview. Poon’s sister knows that her sister must have asked Jackie’s friend to come. Poon’s sister said she doesn’t want to quit this job. If she wants to go study in Australia, she will pay for it. Poon yelled at student eating snacks in class. Jackie’s friend took Jackie and Poon to a restaurant full of people and showed them a magazine. Poon and Jackie read it and loved it. Poon’s sister came and said after she wrote the article, there were many people coming to the restaurant and not enough seats. Jackie and his friend supports Poon’s sister. Poon’s sister promised she will eventually study in Australia. Poon told Jackie that she wants to find another job since the kids in her class are spoiled. Jackie said every place is the same. He is also not happy with his job but he won’t quit. Fiona’s boyfriend bumped into Jackie.


At the store, an uncle complained to Roger that he paid back the wrong sum of money Jessica checked the bill and Roger was right. The uncle was mad thinking they are shady and left.

A madame showed off to Fiona and her family a necklace her husband gave her. The uncle accused Roger to the villagers of stealing his treasures. Fiona’s boyfriend met with Fiona. The next morning, Madamme called Jackie that her necklace has been stolen. Jackie and the cops surrounded the harbor interrogating people. The villagers assume Roger stole the necklace since he used to be in prison. Madamme told Jackie that Roger used to have a conflict with her stealing her dog. The villagers wants to ruin Jessica’s store. Jackie asked Jessica if Roger is in the store. He suspects Roger is related to the case of the necklace. Jackie interrogates Roger where was he last night.

Roger told Jackie at 3 in the morning, while he was drunk, he saw Fiona passed by. The villagers nitpick on Roger stealing the necklace. Jackie asked Fiona if she was by the beach at 3 in the morning. The villagers accused Roger of framing Fiona. Fiona refused to admit and claimed she was asleep. Jackie let Roger signed off and leave but he must hand out his passport. Roger told his father he didn’t do it. It’s fine if he doesn’t believe it. Jessica asked Jackie if Roger is fine.Jackie said he can’t answer that question. Jessica told Jackie she will ask her father to reduce the rent for him. Jackie asked if she wants him to break the law. Jessica asked Jackie to believe Roger didn’t do it. He gave food to the strangled cats and dogs. Jessica told Jackie if Roger did it, he would have rode the boat and left. Jackie thought of Fiona’s boyfriend bumped into him.


Jackie asked Fiona if he asked her boyfriend to steal the necklace because they were chased by loan shark. Jackie yelled at Fiona if she knows this will harm Roger. Fiona saw a customer accused Roger of being a prisoner and refused to buy candies from his store. Roger chased Fiona and asked her why did she lie. Roger told Fiona that he doesn’t mind if he got in trouble, but he doesn’t want it to affect his family. Fiona left. Fiona told his family that Roger may not have stolen the necklace.

Jackie interrogates Fiona’s boyfriend. Fiona’s boyfriend said he met Fiona and asked her for help. She gave him some money at 3 in the morning. Jackie’s boyfriend denied of stealing the treasures. The cops showed Jackie the report that Madamme and her husband conned money from the insurance and is in debt. Madamme and her husband worried their treasure will be stolen. The female village spread rumors that Jackie and the cops have arrested Roger for stealing the treasures. Madamme got anxious about her treasure being stolen. Madamme and her husband dig and checks out the treasures. Jackie and the cops caught them.


Jackie told Fiona that her boyfriend left. Jackie reminds Fiona of carefully choose his friend. Jackie told Fiona that the truth is hard to hear. He won’t say anymore.



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